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I last updated this page on Friday 3rd June 2006

John Peel ArchiveQ. Why create the John Peel Every Day blog?

A. I had no choice because to put it simply I miss John Peel every day and I know I’m not alone in this – far from it. I want us all to have as much access to the John Peel archive as possible. These recordings are by no means an adequate substitute but I feel they need be made part of, what my head refers to vaguely as, The-Public-Access-John-Peel-Historical-People’s-Archive. As you can see my head’s not really finished editing that into something memorable but I’m sure you get the point.

I will, in due course, make all my personal recordings from radio and tv available via the net and urge others to do likewise. Between us all I’m sure we have pretty much everything – well alright then a lot, and it’s good to see a fair amount being shared.

John Robert Parker Ravenscroft was unique in that he was loved and admired by millions around the world but remained genuinely modest and self-effacing. He was a decent bloke like you and me with a never ending supply of music you’d never hear anywhere else and his bullshit detector was always perfectly tuned. He was our mate and I like to think we were his. I’m not going to stand back while the media continuously celebrates talentless shites in an atmosphere populated by the F word and the C word – Fame and Celebrity. John was never one to shout about his own accomplishments. He saw himself as a conduit; A middle-man for undiscovered talent. It’s now falls to me and every other John Peel listener to return the compliment and ensure his rightful place in history along with continuing the very reasons he was celebrated so.

Features on new and obscure artists will appear too because that’s pretty much the point too isn’t it? As John said, I want to hear something I’ve never heard before.  <– I’ve decided(ish) to feature archive recordings only – not turn this into just-another-mp3-blog. New stuff features on another blog of mine out there somewhere in netland!

(AKA Domestic Empire)
October 2005

Regarding the sharing of John Peel recordings:
Copyright issues not with-standing the John Peel show on the BBC was the epitome of Public Service Broadcasting and I make these recordings available for your personal collection. Anyone I find flogging these will be tracked down and dealt with.

It ought to go without mention that no genuine John Peel fan would ever consider making any personal profit from his name or the aforementioned recordings. I have seen things surfacing on ebay, (the internet’s official launderer), but bollox to those c*nts because I’ll have none of it.

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    2006/12/29 at 07:54

    hi where is your email can you guys help me find a drummer or somethin


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