Margrave of the Marshes by John Peel & Sheila Ravenscroft

BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week. 24th to 28th October 2005
Margrave of the Marshes by John Peel & Sheila Ravenscroft
9.45-10.00am, repeated 12.30-12.45am

Excerpts from John Peel’s much anticipated Biography gets an airing next week, Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October 09:45. Details will appear here:

Listen via the BBC Radio Player:

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To save these radio streams to your PC use Flashget/StreamDown or similar – search google for more info. I’ll add more about how to do this for the uninitiated at some point soon. And for more ways to recieve BBC Radio see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/

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4 Responses to “Margrave of the Marshes by John Peel & Sheila Ravenscroft”

  1. 1 DuffPaddy
    2005/10/21 at 15:56

    Thanks for the heads-up on this! And thanks for the new Peel blog, too. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Peelie on This Is Your Life.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2005/10/22 at 19:22

    I need to sort out a couple of things with my pc first before I can transfer it from tape but It’ll be up ASAP both here and at nova.

  3. 3 Lonebull
    2006/02/27 at 17:02

    Thank you so much for starting this site. I got exposed to John Peel when I was a DJ in college 22 years ago. One of the indie labels distributed an abbreviated version of his show on vinyl and we used to air it weekly. I remember being so happy to hear his show and at the same time lamenting the fact that we had nothing like him in the U.S.
    Although my exposure to Peel has been somewhat limited over the years, his shows and his influnce have left a lasting impression on me. I was on my honeymoon in London when he passed away and I can’t ever recall seeing such an outpouring of love and affection for a DJ. This New Yorker from Brooklyn definitely appreciates and respects John Peel’s influence on the music I’ve listened to over the past 20 plus years.

  4. 4 Anonymous
    2006/03/06 at 12:26

    i never really listened to john’s radio shows, not really being a radio guy, but i was aware of his role in finding, and then exposing to others, new music, some of which would go on to gain a wider audience which might eventually include me, so i was always glad he was there! i also loved his radio times column-it was the first thing i turned to every week.i also loved seeing him on the glastonbury shows, and grumpy old men, even joining in with him on occaision. i was sad to see him go, ‘cos i appreciated what he did, and also the affection of those who knew him through his work.
    on reading his (auto)biography, i realised that some years ago i had had a wonderful holiday in the village where he lived for so long, without knowing at the time he lived there, knowing only that he lived near stowmarket and thinking we might bump into him in town-duh!
    anyhow, thanks for the music i wouldn’t have heard without you john, and love to the family!

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