One World: John Peel Tribute Programme

Radio 1 BBC Radio 1’s One World

John Peel :: Around the World
Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 10th October 2005: 0100-0300

Just found this 2 hour programme on the Radio 1 website.

“Producers Note:

This week’s programme is a tribute to the late, great John Peel.

We wanted to pay tribute to John on the One World Show and there was no better way of doing it by demonstrating John’s love for music from all corners of the world.

This week we play you excerpts of shows which John made from all over the world. From Brussels to Japan, Sonar to the Eurovision Song Contest One World tries to cram in as much as we can.

Some of the programmes are over twenty years old and you’ll hear for yourself that John’s presenting style changes from formal to irreverent. Most of the trips which John went on he was accompanied by his wife Sheila who he mentions throughout the programmes.”

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/urban/oneworld/johnpeel05.shtml

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