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I had intended to do more updating this week but I’ve had computer problems (bless ’em), so I’m just sorting through things at the moment. I have quite a lot to post it seems plus I want to get on with uploading a few shows pretty soon too. In the meantime check out this tribute offering from ‘dan unda’. ABC to be specific. It’s narrated by one of those ‘fizzy’ dj’s but the content is sound enough from the bits i’ve heard to check the recording – which, incidentally I had a bit of bother getting sorted. There are sections where John is interviewed for the station so worth getting for that I think.

Web link:
triple j music specials

J FILES: John Peel
broadcast date: 01/11/2004
presenter: Richard Kingsmill

The legendary BBC DJ and radio producer was known around the world for his championing of new music ever since he hit the airwaves in the ’60s. In this one hour special, we’ll feature some of the wonderful music that was recorded over the years for The Peel Sessions, including Joy Division, The Smiths, The Jam, PJ Harvey, The Fall, Billy Bragg and New Order.

media player:
(player) http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/jfiles/files/john_peel.asx
(direct) mms://media3.abc.net.au/triple-j/mod/jfiles/john_peel_56S.asf

real audio:
(player) http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/jfiles/files/john_peel.ram
(direct) pnm://media1.abc.net.au/triple-j/mod/jfiles/john_peel_56ISDN1.rm


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