Tonight’s The Night…

John Peel’s Record Box…

…Tonight | CH4 | 11:10pm

At last after all the conjecture and tracking down of, er tracks, and torrenting and downloading and…..we can finally get a closer look inside ‘that’ box. Of particular interest to those compiling a digital version of John Peel’s collection will be the opportunity to scrutinise the sleeves to iron out out some of the finer details. I hope Elton doesn’t go on too much, he’s fine but really a two hour programme just looking at the sleeves and watching the records go round would suit me.

I’ve uploaded a couple of hi-res photographs (acquired from the lovely ch@nnel 4 press dept.) of said box sitting at Peel Acres which make fantastic desktop backgrounds.

Between you, me and the gatepost, I have it on good authority the programme will be ‘upped’ by Tuesday night

John Peel’s Record Box: image 1 | image 2

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2 Responses to “Tonight’s The Night…”

  1. 1 domestic empire
    2005/11/17 at 01:24

    John Peel’s Record Box Bit Torrent here

    When you get to 100% don’t be a cunt by disconnecting – keep seeding for everyone else.

    I have faith in you :-)

  2. 2 Sharon
    2005/11/24 at 16:30

    I can’t wait!

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