Tribute To John Peel – Turn That Racket Down

BBCtv Documentary

With contributions from John Walters, Billy Bragg, Jarvis Cocker and others, this documentary was originally screened during the August Bank Holiday back in 1999. Broadcast as part of John’s 60th Birthday celebrations – even getting on the cover of the Radio Times no-less, this revised version was shown in tribute following his death in 2004.

Torrent Link: Turn That Racket Down

7 Responses to “Tribute To John Peel – Turn That Racket Down”

  1. 1 DuffPaddy
    2005/12/31 at 14:57

    Wow! Looks like there’s been plenty going on here since I last visited. Thanks for this. I already have several versions, but there’s always some imperfection (start missing, picture quality not great, etc). So I’m giving this one a go with fingers crossed…

  2. 2 uphallman
    2006/12/08 at 20:42

    Hi guys!

    Trying to download ‘Turn That Racket Down’ but it appears that all the seeders have given up (I suppose it has been on there since Feb 05!).

    Any chance of someone uploading it again. I’m up to 98% and will happily seed after that.

    Here’s hoping!

    Laters, taters!

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2006/12/08 at 22:40

    I’m not sure if that’s the same version I have (same programme/different cap, if you see what I mean). Give me a couple of days to locate mine and see if it matches. If you hear nothing send me an email and we’ll sort something out :)

  4. 4 uphallman
    2006/12/11 at 22:04

    Cheers, DE!

    There appears to be a seeder on the link now but whoever it is ain’t sharing the wealth (several of us up to a heartbreaking 99.4% – unfortunately not enough to burn and watch the pic in sync with the sound. Ho Hum!). If you’ve got anything it’d be appreciated. I’d probably set up another link for the others trying to get hold of it aswell.

    We’ll see what transpires.

    Actually, no! We’ll ‘just talk amongst ourselves’!


  5. 5 uphallman
    2006/12/15 at 12:24

    Hey DE! (That makes me sound Liverpudlian)

    Don’t know if you were responsible but we got our seeder and there are now 4 (including myself) seeders. Woo Hoo! And people are still downloading.

    It’s good to know people are still interested in Old Man Ravenscroft at times other than Peel Day.

    Keep up the good work on the site – It’s on ma faves list now.

    Laters, taters!

  6. 6 uphallman
    2006/12/19 at 14:19

    Hi DE,

    Just a quick message to let you know I’ve upped ‘Turn That Racket Down’ on to a couple of torrent sites I use cos 1 is a members site and they are generally very good at seeding.

    The response has been amazing. I put it on at the weekend and it’s been downloaded 75 times in those few days. There are 11 seeders (plus me and I’ll leave it on inevitably) and six people are downloading at the mo.

    Found that no matter what happens with the length of time it takes to download on the Digitaldistractions site, once they’ve downloaded it they just bugger off!

    Also, I put links to a couple of JP sites including yours (If this is bang out of order then drop me a line and I’ll take it off – don’t want your site or you getting into trouble!)

    Torrent links can be found at Demonoid (members site):


    And at Torrentportal:


    Or a search for ‘John Peel Tribute’ through Isohunt will bring it up.

    Hope this is OK. Just got naffed off with the way no one was sharing it on digitaldistractions.



  7. 7 domestic empire
    2006/12/21 at 02:50

    No problem at all matey. I’ll add it to my next post.

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