Ivor Cutler Radio & TV Tribute Dates & Times

I don’t think John would mind at all that we are giving over such space to Ivor at the moment. A quintessential Peel artist if there ever was one.

BBC Radio 3
Andy Kershaw
Sunday 12th March 2006

“In tribute to the late Ivor Cutler, Andy repeats a classic session from February 1979, together with tracks from Ali Farka Toure, who also died this week.”

BBC Four Television
Ivor Cutler: Looking for Truth With a Pin
Friday 24th March 2006
21:00 – 22:00

“A celebration of the man Billy Connolly described as “the best kept secret in Britain”, despite five decades of work in radio, television, records and books.

Cutler is probably best known for his starring role in the Beatles’ film, Magical Mystery Tour. But behind the name is the story of a man with 20 sessions for John Peel at Radio One to his name, signings to all major record labels, and who once had his own portrait in the National Portrait Gallery under Great British Poets.”

With thanks to yahoo group: ivor-list for bringing these dates to my attention.

“We wanted to make a series about British eccentrics but ended up making one programme about Ivor Cutler.” Read about the making of this documentary here.

2 Responses to “Ivor Cutler Radio & TV Tribute Dates & Times”

  1. 1 DuffPaddy
    2006/03/11 at 18:18

    Nice to see you back updating, Domestic E, though obviously I’d prefer it were in happier circumstances. And thanks for that link to that John ‘Webbo’ Webster article. I bought the DVD of “Looking for Truth…” at a gig by an artist called Francis Dunnery last year. Webbo is Francis’ manager and I managed to buttonhole him for a quick chat about Ivor after making my purchase. Apparently, Ivor and Peelie had had a falling out over a noisy child and had sadly never managed to patch thing up before Peelie’s death. Still, hopefully, that can be put right now, and the bemused angels will soon be able to tune in to another Peel Session from Mr. Cutler…

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2006/03/15 at 19:01

    Francis Dunnery, the old It Bites frontman eh? I’ve occasionally wondered (quietly to myself you understand) what that clever-bastard-guitarist was up to these days. Sounds to have been a fortunate night meeting up with ‘webbo’. I’m guessing it was Cutler who objected to the noisy tyke.

    Thanks for the input ‘paddy :)

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