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PepsiPeelie by DomesticEmpire
PepsiPeelie by DomesticEmpire

Early data culled from my Peel Media Audit reveal 80 plus ‘mix’ tapes, although these do feature a fair degree of the Peelster rather than being a pure selection of song grabs. I was listening to number nine in the car today and damn it sounded good. Dubster has uploaded a few of these recently, from duffpaddy among others, and one of the most interesting aspects is how everybody’s individual taste produces a tape that sounds like nobody else’s. It would be great if we could find compilations from the same general time period but from several different sources to hear the programmes from a different musical perpective. If you see what I mean! Included in that are some ‘themed specials’ I did: 4x’Ambient Peels’ & 3x’Techno Peels’. There is also the John Peel’s Seasonal Selection from ’97 (3xC90’s). ‘Pulp For Peel‘, where they sat in for him I think. Some ‘live to air’ sessions including Stereolab etc and Glastonbury bits. The Festive 50 from ’94, ’95, 96, ’98 plus more lurking somewhere – it would be great to get as many as possible and make a torrent perhaps? John Peel Night from 16th December 2004 spread across six minidiscs. Not to mention loads of odds and sods and numerous complete programmes from differnt periods – nothing that’s been uploaded previously from what I tell. Plus a host of tv programmes that I think I mentioned in an earlier post, most of which I’ve never seen uploaded anywhere before – still trying to locate that This Is Your Life programme too (it’s here somewhere), but that stuff will have to wait until I sort out a decent capture card or invest in a stand-alone dvd recorder. Anyway that’s a brief overview for now :)

In other news: I’m itching to rip this bastard drive out of my laptop and fit the brand new one I bought today. The present one failed a couple of months ago and it’s been touch and go as to whether I get past the ‘Back Up Your Data Immediately – We’re All Going To Die’ message every time I boot the thing and press ‘F1 To Continue’. I’ve lost much data due to it’s instability but have persevered for several rather dull reasons I won’t bore you with but today, well tomorrow now – it’s late, is Transplant Donor Day. Once that’s done I can begin transferring all the files I want to upload safe in the knowledge that doing so will be at a leisurely pace without fretting over the next inevitable crash – hard to believe I used to earn my living working in IT isn’t it….oh, no maybe not then?

So where is this post going? No idea frankly. Just wanted to fill you in on what’s going on really. I was going to explain something of my present state of health but then I thought better of it. I don’t want to sound as if I’m angling for any kind of sympathy or anything like that. Suffice to say that today was the first time I’d been out of the house in several weeks and it felt ok.

So all being well I’ll be back I’ll be back on this ageing but dedicated Sony shortly and resuming business with an august vigour that’ll be the envy of all who survey me. Failing that I’ll cobble together parts for a desktop pc and use a migraine inducing CRT.

And finally to finish up, some Peel video…

Record Shopping With John Peel (15 June 2002):
“John couldn’t come to Sonar and not come away without a few choice tunes from the Sonar Record Fair…”

Table Football World Cup (Glastonbury 2002):
“During Jo Whiley’s show the cream of Radio 1 DJ talent and members from Idlewild, Cooper Temple Clause and Lost Prophets & John Peel battled it out for the Table Football World Cup. Check out the videos and pictures.”

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