Peel July 2003

Ok so I know I’ve been a bit of a miserable sod lately but who was it that said, ‘Play to your strengths’? Actually that’s not entirely acurate because generally I’m one of the most optimistic, affable and gregarious people you’re likely to meet – cut through with a rapier-like wit, good looks and easy-going charm set upon a bedrock of genuine self-effacement. Oh yes indeed!

‘So what’s this got to do with John Peel then?’, I hear you ask, ‘Isn’t this supposed to be a Peelie blog?’. I’m coming to that. Round here you have to listen to the monkey sing and watch him dance before you get your link. So here’s the rub: Despite this obviously enviable personality I have also been struck down by Anxiety, Depression and Agorophobia, which is a real hoot plus it works out cheaper if you get all three up-front. I won’t bore you further with all the ins and outs – not today anyhow. Hence this makes me somewhat techy at times and ultimately accounts for the sporadic manner in which this blog site get’s updated. So there you are then: john peel everyday – hosted by a true looney, but just take a look at the charming photo on the about page and tell me you couldn’t forgive such a chap his occasional mood swings? I’m the one on the left.

Alrighty then back to business.
BBC Radio 1 programme from july 2003
68.40 MB


Access code:


The next two programmes from that week are to follow.

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  1. 1 DuffPaddy
    2006/04/09 at 19:08

    Oooh, thanks, DE! I don’t have this one.

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