John Peel & Sheila – The Pig’s Big 78’s

I owe my thanks to the excellent Peel Yahoo Group yet again and in particular, user thebarguest for reminding me about this:

Late Junction
BBC Radio 3, Thursday 27 April 2006.

Some vintage 78 tracks selected from John Peel’s The Pig’s 78s; excerpts from a concert in Athens by multi-instrumentalists Ross Daly and Michalis Nikoloudis, and Scott Walker’s new album, The Drift.

Presented by Fiona Talkington.
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

The Late Junction:

Trikont Records:

Klang Records (Trikont’s UK distributor):

John Peel Yahoo News Group:

5 Responses to “John Peel & Sheila – The Pig’s Big 78’s”

  1. 1 Chris H.
    2006/04/27 at 19:14

    Fantastic news.

    I’m glad it got a release.

    Thanks for posting, I’d not heard about it.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2006/04/27 at 22:36

    …my pleasure :)

    And I just LOVE the cover illustration!

  3. 3 DuffPaddy
    2006/05/07 at 23:37

    Excellent, thanks for the news, DE!

    Assuming they stock it, I wonder how the hell HMV or Virgin will find a section to file *this* baby under?

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2006/05/08 at 01:51

    Good point DP!

    How about a Point Of Sale promotion until the stock runs out (half a dozen copies say?) then stick it on Back Order? Job’s a good’un.

    I should have made more of this in the above post but fans of the old 78 should look up the ‘vintage jazz’ link on the front page. There must be others that cover all genres too…I should google that sometime!

  5. 5 chris h.
    2006/05/08 at 16:15

    Well my copy from klang-records.co.uk arrived on Friday.

    I only ordered it mid week too, great service.

    Great fun it is too – I was initialy dissapointed when I opened the nice gatefold sleve to look at the booklet, and opened it to discover it was all in German, however much to my surprise as I looked at the third side of the sleve and found a nice second translated booklet…

    Oh, and the musics a nice mix too, as to be expected I suppose…

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