The Festive 50 2003

I’ve not been relaying as much info here as I should have been of late but I simply have to inform of the new Peelie blog The Furtive Fifty

JollyRogered tells of one particularly grueling Festive Fifty recording and share said 50 from 2003 (FM->DAT->Tape no less!).

I can’t confess to having quite such an awful time of it as he clearly did but I’ve spent several Christmases past convincing various girlfriends that it is absolutely vital that the festive fifty gets recorded ‘properly’ and not on ‘that pissy excuse for a ghetto blaster’ or I’ll be in no mood to spend Christmas with. So I’d cart all my hi-fi seperates round to theirs – even used a digital multitrack once when that was the only option. Somehow though there would never be quite the same concentration available for flipping tapes or discs in these altered surroundings and I never rarely came away with anything quite as polished as I’d hoped for. ‘No thanks I don’t want to watch Flashdance I’m listening to Peel……..John Peel…..John, oh never mind!’

I must register my dissapointment after downloading part 1. Please be aware that Rog has removed all of John’s comments so what you get is the music only. Sacrilege! If you’re happy with that, fine, but just so you know what you’re downloading.

6 Responses to “The Festive 50 2003”

  1. 1 domestic empire
    2006/06/01 at 13:56

    Bollox I hit ‘Publish’ instead of ‘preview’ on the new design I’ve been working on and I really can’t be arsed to revert back now so be warned things may look a bit wonky until I finish hacking the StyleSheet.


  2. 2 giulio
    2006/06/01 at 23:02

    peel is such an example for me!
    thanks for the nice blog!

  3. 3 patita
    2006/06/02 at 21:05

    Just the songs? Hmm, that’s not nearly as much fun!
    (like the new design, by the way, and the fact that you update it so often)

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2006/06/03 at 02:26

    Thank you ‘guys’ :)

    patita: – I got your email by the way and will reply over the weekend!

    giulio: – added your blog to links – founds some good tunes on it :)

  5. 5 tom
    2006/06/03 at 07:20

    Hiya.. just a quick thanks from California. I’m a Brit working out here. The Beeb’s AOD (OneMusic, etc), and blogs like yours are really keeping me going in my exile.

    Any pointers to Peel downloads (WITHOUT the great man edited out) very gratefully received.

    Your work is much appreciated.

  6. 6 domestic empire
    2006/06/03 at 13:16

    And it’s feedback I get from people like you Tom that keep me going here! I just wish the great man were here to witness it all.

    And you’re quite right – it’s high time I upped more of the Peelster. Consider that one of my missions this weekend…

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