In the meantime…

Until I get the style sheets sorted for every browser known to Man, Women and child – including the lesser spotted Puruvian Explorer Version 1.5.2 Release Candidate 1 build 2.0 – I owe it to you to be able to read the God damned thing. As you probably already know, I published a beta design I was working on by mistake. That is to say I wasn’t working on it by mistake but published it by mistake (fucking hell Gary get on with mate). OK, so I didn’t have a back-up copy that I was happy with and ended up making things worse – hence, now, the chosen Blogger stock template.

In actual fact at this point in time I have a pretty solid non-browser-busting template of my own that is fetching itself to look pretty dandy but I’m not rushing it this time. I’ve created a new blogger site just to test the design so there will be no excuses if the next one fails!

More so even than that I really must reply to Kari’s email because she’s been waiting far too long for a reply from me and before she gets angry. She’s American you see and when they get angry….(cheap shot!)

At least those four Peel uploads should pacify most people for now and I shall upload another ‘week’s worth’ from the same year at the end of the week all being well.

I hope I didn’t upset Rog over at The Furtive Fifty because anyone taking the trouble start a blog and upload files etc shouldn’t be given a hard time especially if his chosen topic is Mr. Ravenscroft. Of course I can say that now because he’s going to be uploading un-edited copies of the 50 – hurrah! I’ve downloaded all his edited files already and have been really enjoying them too, allbeit with more than a tinge of sadness but more of that another time.

Dear Kari……….

2 Responses to “In the meantime…”

  1. 1 patita
    2006/06/08 at 15:20

    I guess I could sic the parrots on you, but seeing as they don’t fly so well and I’m not going to pay for them to take an airplane, you’re safe! Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning (and now I know to be looking for your reply) :)

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2006/06/08 at 18:14

    Like I said, the mail problem:

    And not one offer of penis enhancement or Nigerian riches!

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