Grant McLennan 1958-2006

News travels very slowly enroute to domestic empire HQ so this could well be old news to most of you. Those like me however, who refuse to engage with most of the bullshit media outlets, may not have heard the sad news.

Legendary singer-songwriter and frontman of The Go-Betweens, Grant McLennan, died in his sleep at his home in Brisbane on Saturday 6th May 2006 aged 48.

McLennan and Robert Forster formed the band while attending university in Brisbane during the Bjelke-Petersen days of the 1970s, when McLennan was arrested for participating in protests.

McLennan was raised by his mother on a cattle-station in Rockhampton in central Queensland. Recently the Australian Performing Rights Association voted his autobiographical song Cattle and Cane as one of the 10 greatest Australian songs of all time. McLennan also won an ARIA award for Best Contemporary Album last year for the band’s most recent offering, Oceans Apart.

He is survived by his mother, sister, brother and girlfriend Emma.

Visit The Go-Betweens Website
Download Fingers by Grant McLennan

2 Responses to “Grant McLennan 1958-2006”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2006/06/11 at 08:54

    I notice that this proper blogger template breaks in MSIE on Windows. My new template however, does not – ha, one up for me I think. ‘Ave it blogspot!

    The new makeover is online elsewhere and is performing well so far in all the major browsers on both PC & Mac. The tricky bit comes when adding the blogger tags – that’s when it can get stuffed up. I have considered slipping the blogger moorings altogether but despite these grievences letting a third party take care of hosting it all can sometimes br far less hassle than taking care of the domain and server oneself – this from someone who has four domains currently. Sheesh! Although I have just installed WordPress on my server and so I’ll see how much fun that is to hack.

    Not a very dignified comment to make on the Grant McLennan post I admit. Do check out The Go-Betweens if you’ve never heard them before. You may well be surprised by what you’ve been missing, as I was when I discovered them only recently. Fine fine band, alas no more.

    The Dom!

  2. 2 Anonymous
    2006/06/11 at 12:11

    …and the bleedin’ commenting system is pants.


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