‘He’s a health fanatic and it makes me sick’

Before I forget – here’s a rare treat!

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 13th June from 23:00 – 23:30: Bespoken Word is the first of a new four part series to explore performance poetry. ‘Wow yeah great Gary nice one, er I think I left the gas on actually’, I sense you say, but wait because John Cooper Clarke makes a rare appearance on radio with an updated version of the classic Beasley Street. Hopefully we’ll get to hear something new as well.

Our Johnny’s replendant in his customary back combed black mullet, drainpipes and shades in current edition of the Radio Times – Gawd bless the Beeb!

Oh and if you’re not a regular RT reader and just want a gander in WHSmith’s, the Bard of Salford is on page 119. Me, I’m off to mahjooorka!

JCC Homepage (do people still say homepage?) – with plenty to download:
In conversations from Idler 17, November 1996:

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