Rock Steady

I love Reggae and all its sub genres. Bottom line is that it just feels right! So I can’t let the beginning of a new series The Reggae Show pass without mention.

Hosted by the excellent Mark Lamarr the programme always contains plenty of passion as well as respect for the music.

John Peel had this to say about him when asked who he liked of the, then current, crop of radio dj’s:
“Mark Lamarr I approve of. His comments are acurate and well-informed and perceptive – and again, you don’t get a lot of that on the radio.”

A good enough reccommendation wouldn’t you say? The Reggae Show starts tonight and continues every Wednesday from 21:00 to 22:00 on BBC Radio 2. Really it is worth tuning in!

» The BBC link to the show

I’ll be back again shortly with another week long batch of Peel, plus I’m going to be after your input on a couple of questions concerning the future of this site…

3 Responses to “Rock Steady”

  1. 1 domestic empire
    2006/06/15 at 04:27

    Blogger’s going into meltdown it would seem or is that just the view from here?

    Seriously think of moving this site to other servers. I’m gong to sleep on it…

  2. 2 Bruce Hodder
    2006/06/15 at 05:10

    My blog has been closed down twice by “spam robots” who thought it was an automated thing designed to sell something–though they couldn’t tell me what. I had to lodge an appeal and get the site reviewed by a human being before it could be reopened. That was seriously irritating. I haven’t had any other problems with Blogger, but I know very little about it technically…
    Glad to hear the reggae show is back. I missed last night’s because I was at work, but I should hear most of them during the new run. Mark is a music enthusiast like John was–very dedicated and admirably lacking in showbiz bullshit. His rock ‘n’ roll show is worth a listen to.

  3. 3 tom
    2006/06/15 at 07:25

    Interesting. I’ve been considering opening a Blogger account. I’ve been meaning to start a radio review site for some time. I could put it on my own server (Linux, WordPress, etc etc), but I was thinking it might be less hassle to start here and see how it beds in.

    I’ll watch the discussion with interest.

    Oh, and while we’re plugging fantastic stuff — the Freak Zone on 6Music is just getting better and better. Really worth checking out on audio on demand.

    Thanks for the Peel.

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