The John Peel Show 23rd, 24th & 25th July 2002

Thank you for all the positive feedback. I never fish for sympathy but if I’m in a low I see no reason why I shouldn’t mention it just as a matter of fact really. Having said that I can’t begin to tell you just how good it does me to get any response at all. I enjoy making these recording available – especially to people who may not have much knowledge as to who John Peel is. See Bruce Hodder’s post for the shocking evidence!

A bit late this week, but here’s the latest batch of uploads – and pretty good sessions too!

Tuesday 23rd July 2002
Peel Session:
Misty In Roots

Wednesday 24th July 2002
Peel Session:
Icarus Line

Thursday 25th July 2002
Peel Session:
Belle and Sebastian

NEW! The John Peel Torrent Index & Bonus File!
You may have noticed a new feature that’s been added to this site: It’s the John Peel Torrent Feed. It shows you what’s currently available without having to search yourself. Neat huh?

I found this programme while casually searching torrent files the other day. I’ve no idea who seeded this originally but I’m certainly glad they did as it was one that I was missing. You’ll find the link to it over there down on the left!

Tuesday 24th December 2003
Peel Sessions:
Laura Cantrell
The Peel Family Choir

Some really nice photos from this programme feature on the Ballboy website here. You might find you suffer mixed emotions when looking at the happy faces in this gallery. It was the last Christmas programme from Peel Acres of course.

9 Responses to “The John Peel Show 23rd, 24th & 25th July 2002”

  1. 1 DuffPaddy
    2006/07/09 at 12:39

    [Previous post deleted because of a slight boo-boo]

    Thanks yet again, Gary! You’ve unerringly plugged a gap in my collection with the past few July ’02 postings.

    Yeah, that Christmas 2003 show is a classic, isn’t it? Terrific guests and a great atmosphere. Interestingly, the first track played, “Wine, Wine, Wine”, harks right back to Peelie’s very first days as a DJ, as The Nightingales were practically the house band on WRR. Shame the recording cuts in too late to hear any more than the outro. Maybe I’ll upload my version, where I’ve stitched the full track to the start of the show.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2006/07/09 at 12:56

    I love getting hold of something new – it’s almost as if he were still here.

    He also goes on to play Al Ferrier – ‘Don’t Play Blue Eyes (crying in the rain) both of which feature in his record box: http://my.opera.com/JohnPeelsRecordBox/blog/

  3. 3 Chris
    2006/07/10 at 09:23

    New look is looking good. Its a great project/service you’ve got/doing here. Long may it run…

  4. 4 patita
    2006/07/12 at 17:26

    Excellent work here! I’ve run out of hard drive space, so until my new one arrives I’ll just sit and salivate :)

  5. 5 tom
    2006/07/14 at 07:46

    I know you’re no slave to the conventional media, so thought I’d just mention the sad news that Syd Barrett died in the last week.

    Rob Da Bank played a track from a Peel session last night. Do you have more in your archive?

  6. 6 Robert
    2006/08/01 at 14:29

    Hi, sorry for being so dumb, but how do you download these shows? I am starting to use bittorrent so that I can share my JP collection – about 400 hours, mainly from the mid-90s.Thanks, Rob

  7. 7 domestic empire
    2006/08/01 at 16:13

    The link is up there on the top right: http://rapidshare.de/users/W80LO3

    It’s the same for all the files listed . All you need is the pass: johnpeeleveryday and you’re set to go!

    Looking forward to seeing your files seeded Rob :)

  8. 8 darryl
    2006/08/06 at 12:20

    I can see the link for the rapidshare files, but how do i access the bitt torrent files ?

    PS: fantastic site well done.

  9. 9 domestic empire
    2006/08/06 at 20:26

    RE. John Peel Torrents Live Search Results (scroll down the left margin):
    The torrent search feed seems to be down at time of writing – that’s why it’s in a beta testing phase though!

    You should (when it’s working) be able to click directly on any of the results and then directed to the dl location. In the meantine try searching on any of the following as these are some of the best trackers that feed our results:

    Thanks for the feedback – I wasn’t aware of the problem. Hopefully I can find out what’s causing the problem and have the feed results back up soon.

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