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Jollyroger over at The Furtive Fifty has posted one side of a tape from the year 2000: 20th July – Side 2 to be exact, with Side 1 to follow!

The Perfumed Garden is still happily churning out the Peel sessions as is The Runout Groove.

The John Peel Tapes always has a good selection too and not forgetting DuffPaddy’s Kat’s Karavan either.

I feel guilty if I leave anyone out whether they’ve recently updated or not!

Thanks to Darryl for alerting me to the problem with the torrent feed. The John Peel Torrents Live Search Results is now fixed and working again.

Thanks also to everyone who voted in the Poll – even if, as I suspect, some of you may have voted more than once, you cheeky blighters. The results were still a good indication as to what you folks want and it looks to me like a Rapidshare/BitTorrent split, so I shall be responding to this in the very near future.

Apologies to Tom, and everyone else of course, for not uploading any Syd Barrett material or even acknowledging his passing here but as my own reclusive existence somewhat reflects that of Roger’s later years – without the financial assistance of Pink Floyd unfortunately – I’m afraid I couldn’t really deal with posting anything about it at the time. Although it’s sad for us to see him go I’m imagine it was an appreciable release for him.

Staying on a personal note I’m feeling somewhat more optimistic. I’m planning to buy a new car, (which I’ll hardly ever use but without one….), and having gained modest, short-term at least, finacial security, converting that back room into the recording studio space it’s been crying out to be for ages. Having produced one solo album for a friend I’m keen to get back into it. You might even get to hear some of my own work if I’m feeling particularly confident. Either way I hope to have some fun making lots of noise! The new and more powerful PC that will be required for this will mean a chance to digitise those John Peel TV programmes from video tape.

The whole point of this site is to share John Peel recordings and never let his contribution to our lives and the world of music ever be forgotten or taken for granted so I appreciate everyone that gets involved simply by leaving comments or otherwise.

May the spirit of Peel never fade from our lives

16 Responses to “News Roundup”

  1. 1 Bruce Hodder
    2006/08/11 at 05:45

    Good to have you back.You have been missed.

  2. 2 Jamie Summers
    2006/08/11 at 22:57

    thanks for the link, always appreciated! keep up the good work mate.

  3. 3 tom
    2006/08/13 at 07:28

    Yay. Welcome back!

    Any thoughts on the Radio 1 re-org?

    Personally I think the schedule looks depressing. Not as bad as the Capital-ization of XFM back in the day or the murder of GLR.

    But I think that the OneMusic guys did a pretty good job keeping the eclectic spirit of Peel going — and killing the slot seems like the real deathknell for the weird and the wonderful on mainstream radio.

    I’ve got nothing against Colin Murray (Mon-Thur 10pm-12am) — quite liked him in Zane Lowe’s old slot in fact, but here’s the mission statement for the show:

    ‘He’ll be playing music that reflects the wide ranging tastes of Radio 1’s young audience and will focus on all of the most exciting and exhilarating aspects of youth culture including a regular documentary feature.’

    This is fine I suppose. A suitable period of mourning has been endured by management, and now it’s time to bring the late slot on message. Still, it seems worth noting here that the Peel slot is truly dying this year.

    Of course Peel lives on, as does the new and exciting. We’ll just have to work that bit harder to find them.

    Perhaps we should begin compiling listings?

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2006/08/13 at 16:38

    In my opinion, for what it’s worth, the problem here is the same as it is just about everywhere in society at this point and that’s to ‘Run it like a business’. Perhaps that’s an over simplification but you just don’t get the impression something’s sprung into life on a whim because it ‘sounds like a good idea’. You just know that people are no longer left to ‘get on with it’ without a parallel marketing campaign, Demographic Focus Group testing and the rest of it.

    The moment a program adopts a title along the lines of the dire ‘In New Music We Trust’ one knows instinctively not to bother. It might please some of the younger kids without a sense of history, it might even (hopefully) sporadically be worth listening to but any program that comes with a titicular mission statement leaves me cold. It was the same when the BBC’s charter began to include the mantra that promised ‘To Be Distinctive And Different’ – They already were! It is no coincidence that it was around this time that the BBC became indistinguishable and bland.

    Oh, I could go on but I’d probably sound like a sad old obsessive luddite. Ha!

    Speaking of the ‘New and Exciting’, I do have a project up my sleeve to highlight the music I miss Peel playing – The real experimental underground music, (good, bad and indifferent), not the marketing person view of it. I miss John emensly but my desire for new music is as insatiable as it ever was. It will be online shortly and hopefully worth a visit.

    And thanks guys, it’s good to *be* back :-D

  5. 5 darryl
    2006/08/14 at 09:44

    Re the ‘John Peel tapes’ http://www.jonhorne.co.uk/jptapes/jptapes.html
    you mention. I have got the stuff off that page and now cant seem to do anything with them. They are marked as zip files but will not unzip, and ask for other parts that appear to be missing ? Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me being dim and missing something obvious (im sure it is. DOH!)
    ps: yes i have mailed the owner of site twice, but no reply.

  6. 6 domestic empire
    2006/08/14 at 23:33


    I’ve never had trouble with any of jon’s uploads before but I have had a few corrupt files from that megadownload site – especially on the larger file sizes. Sometimes a re-download would fix it and other times I just gave up. Prefer rapidshare.

    If you still have problems, list the ones you need and maybe someone who already has them will upload elsewhere!

    That’s the only thing that springs to mind initially. Let us know how you get on :-D

  7. 7 Darryl
    2006/08/15 at 12:09

    I will try a re-download. But you didnt say if they were supposed to be winzip files or something else ?

    Anyway in the meantime i am uploading all the stuff i have (approx 20 full or partial peel shows/John peels music bfbf tapes/ and some festive 50’s many of them from here) These are all going to usenet(newsgroups) on: alt.binaries.sounds.radio.british.

    For anyone not au fait with usenet im afriad the learning curve is a bit steep, but this web site has everything you neeed, from explaining rars all the way up to the mysteries of par files. (un needed with my mostly mp3 uploads to keep it simple) if you want to make the effort.

  8. 8 darryl
    2006/08/15 at 12:11

    Doh! i forgot to past the name of that web page that explains Usenet/newsgroups
    Anyway here it is: http://www.slyck.com/ng.php

  9. 9 DrSativa
    2006/08/21 at 11:56

    You’ve prolly seen this but just in case: John Peels son has own radio show


  10. 10 DuffPaddy
    2006/08/22 at 12:01

    Yes, welcome back, DE! Good to hear that things are looking up for you.

    darryl: yes, try re-downloading those ‘Peel Tapes’ files. Mine were corrupt too when I grabbed them a while back, but I retried them over the weekend and they’re fine now.

  11. 11 Darryl
    2006/08/25 at 12:19

    Im afraid i have tried 4 or 5 times and all i get is corrupted zip files. If someone, ANYone can help me with these and rapidshare them i would be extremely greatfull. Thanks. These are the 4 that i need:

    1985 Tapes – part 1
    214 mb zip file. Sessions by The Shop Assistants, Marc (Lard) Riley and the Creepers, Billy Bragg, The Fall etc. These are AAC files, playable on iTunes.
    Many thanks to Jurgen

    1985 Tapes – part 2
    195 mb zip file.
    Thanks again to Jurgen

    1988 Tapes – part 1
    240 mb zip file.
    And again

    1988 Tapes – part 2
    113 mb zip file.
    Yet another one from Jurgen’s aural gold mine. Danke schön.

  12. 12 domestic empire
    2006/08/25 at 16:28

    I’ll have a look through your list tonight and see if I can help.

  13. 13 domestic empire
    2006/08/25 at 17:33

    OK here’s the deal: I downloaded Peel 88 AAC Tapes 6-8.zip and sure enough it came up as being corrupt, however using the WinRar ‘Repair’ function, the file was rebuilt and extracted perfectly.

    Hopefully you haven’t deleted everything yet because you will probably be able to salvage all of them, though I can always get the above one to you somehow.

    You can dl the WinRar demo just to fix them, or there are loads of other zip repair tools out there – always worth having obviously.


  14. 14 Darryl
    2006/08/25 at 20:39

    A thousand thanks, yes it worked for me :)

    Though why the guy does not fix them on his website i do not know, as i have informed him and i am sure others have too ?

  15. 15 DuffPaddy
    2006/08/26 at 09:41

    How weird is that? I re-downloaded all four zip files last weekend and the files extracted absolutely fine, without any need for repair. I just assumed Jon had fixed them.

  16. 16 domestic empire
    2006/08/26 at 12:42

    DP: Well clearly you’re just a jammy git!

    It might, however, have something to with the software (& version number) you’re using which perhaps ‘transparently’ resolves these crc errors?

    Personaly I think zip, as opossed to rar, iso, 7z, arj, jar, etc, is the most vulnerable to these problems. As we all (hopefully) know, most popular doesn’t equal best.

    When I compress I always add a ‘recovery record’, as WinRar calls it, to cope with any potential problems – most compression utilites should have some variation on this I imagine.

    I would recommend 7Zip (http://www.7-zip.org) over Winzip anyday and if you don’t want to pay for WinRar – it’s free and pretty much does it all.

    I think that’s enough from Armchair IT Corner for today. I really should be sorting out this Torrent for Wednesday because it HAS to be ready Wednesday (30th August).

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