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A press release from channel 4 was issued via the yahoo peel group Monday morning. Viral or not I decided to take a further look as it concerned Tom Ravenscroft (Peel’s son in case you need telling), who’s hosting a new music programme dedicated to new music on something called Channel 4 Radio – whatever that is.

After a frustrating few minutes of finding absolute no details of this new venture at their website I decided instead to listen to something else that was currently on offer – more frustration. No where that I could see does it tell you how to listen or ‘tune in’. I couldn’t tell whether this was a digital tv deal or DAB. Nothing inspires me less than having to dig deep inside a web site to find the required information but then I remember having this problem before. B4? Less4?.

So anyway as I poke around it dawns on me that it’s nothing more exciting than a selection of themed podcasts. But that’s not all, it’s a podcast you have to register for to access and download. I’m really losing interest now. Using the spam account I signed up and will probably re-investigate some other time.

What all this has to do with Unpredictable Porridge, the joint venture between Ravenscroft and Universal Music is anybody’s guess but with so many mp3 blogs and podcasts around another one isn’t going to make that much differerence is it?

Obviously I have nothing but good wishes for any of Tom’s projects and look forward to the result of his musical siftings but to me this appears to be a small and incidental step on what I hope will be a long a fruitful career journey.

“Ooer, listen to Mr Grumpy Boots” – DE’s worringly effeminate conscience!

BBC News says…
Tom has more to say at The Telegraph
ch4 ‘radio’ sign up page
Unpredictable Porridge

4 Responses to “Tompod Ravenscast”

  1. 1 domestic empire
    2006/08/24 at 19:35

    I should have mentioned that I wrote that piece on Monday morning and since then details about this programme have now appeared on the 4radio site.

    I’m half way through listening to programme one at this moment and have to say that I’m pretty impressed. Nothing overtly commercial, it has the prospect of being something not to miss.

    I urge you to try it.

  2. 2 DrSativa
    2006/08/25 at 08:57

    Hopefully Tom will get a prog on a ‘proper’ radio station. Lets be honest with so many stations these days (anyone with digital tv take a look at the radio section!) There must be many hours of air space going begging somewhere ?

  3. 3 Peter
    2006/09/01 at 10:25

    The first podcast was really good. The 30 minute slot reminded me of one of his dad’s under-rated World Service programmes. The shorter format trims out the fat.

  4. 4 Francis
    2006/09/08 at 08:48

    Agreed – I’ve listened to both the shows now (podcasts? is that even a real word???) and thoroughly enjoyed them both…musically…Tom seems pretty nervous but the times when he relaxes and ad-libs more are great..shades of the old man’s wit!

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