John Peel Day 2 Confirmed

John Peel Day 2 : 12th October
A second “John Peel Day” marking the anniversary of the music legend’s final broadcast on Radio 1 has been confirmed for Thursday 12th October 2006.

Last year, on the first anniversary of Peel’s last Radio 1 show, more than 500 events took place across the UK and around the world.

This year, music fans, bands, artists and DJs are being encouraged to stage their own gigs and club nights in honour of Peel.

Radio 1 will report live from John Peel Day events on October 12, and broadcast a host of classic Peel Sessions. The station also announced Radio 1’s Peel Night, a special gig dedicated to Peel on a date in October during the BBC Electric Proms.

John’s widow Sheila Ravenscroft said: “I hope many bands and venues will want to celebrate John’s anniversary. “There is so much good new music around – everyone should have a fantastic night.”

Radio 1 live music and events editor Jason Carter: “Last year’s first John Peel Day was a phenomenal success with over 500 artists and bands and music promoters at every level hosting live events both within the UK and around the world in John Peel’s name. October the 12th is a day in which we can celebrate the great man, new music and continue his legacy.”

Celebrate John Peel’s Legacy And Put On Your Own Tibute Gig
After the massive success of last year’s John Peel Day BBC Radio 1 is once again inviting people to join the celebration of John’s legacy and live music by putting on their own gigs. See link below.

Submit Event/Gig for John Peel Day
The Electric Proms
Download the John Peel Day logo to use on your gig flyers/posters

3 Responses to “John Peel Day 2 Confirmed”

  1. 1 Bruce Hodder
    2006/09/03 at 15:16

    DE, I have written about this on SP and directed people here. Think as many people as possible should be aware and get involved so we can keep the torch alive. In my mind Peelie stands as a symbol for independence and integrity in all the creative fields, and that fuck-you spirit needs to be kept alive. Or we get the Stepford Rock Bands and the Stepford Poets and kids never learn they have a choice about whether to follow blindly or do what we old hippies would call “their own thing”. (Perhaps I’m overstating John’s significance here a tad, but you get my point.)

  2. 2 darryl
    2006/09/06 at 05:49

    Has the new JP birthday torrent been posted yet (wednesday morning) If so im afraid i cant find it, what is it named ?

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2006/09/06 at 14:22

    Not yet – maybe later today ;-p

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