John Peel Torrent Pack Vol.1

The John Peel Torrent Pack Vol.1 August 2002

*updated 02:07 sunday 10th September 2006*

BitTorrent Virgin? Scroll down to the end of this post and everything will soon fall into place :)

Volume 1 Contents:

1st August 2002
Peel Session:
Bearsuit Website
Bearsuit @ MySpace
Label: Fantastic Plastic

6th August 2002
Featuring a live set from Fabric:

Sender Berlin
Sender Berlin Website
Sender Berlin Interview
Label History: Discogs

7th August 2002
Peel Session:
Dressy Bessy (Live At Maida Vale)
Dressy Bessy Website
Dressy Bessy @ MySpace
Label: Track and Field
Label: Transdreamer

Peel Session: Saloon (Live At Maida Vale)
Saloon Info @ Cargo
Saloon Website (status: currently down)
Label: Track and Field

8th August 2002
Peel Session:
Will Oldham
Will Oldam Fan Site
Label: Palace
Label: Drag City

13th August 2002
Peel Session:
The Bellrays
The Bellrays Website
The Bellrays @ MySpace
Label: Cheap Lullaby

14th August 2002
Peel Session:
Eon (Live At Maida Vale)
Eon Website
Label: Project Pitchfork

15th August 2002
Peel Session:
Cranebuilders Website
Cranebuilders @ MySpace
Label: Skinny Dog
Label: Azra
Label: Earworm

20th August 2002 – Peel Session: Fixit Kid
Programme unavailable! Anyone have it?

21st August 2002 – Peel Session: The D4
Programme unavailable! Anyone have it?

22nd August 2002 – Peel Session: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Programme unavailable! Anyone have it?
Update: Thanks to Marcu the Yeah Yeah Yeahs session has been found!

27th August 2002
Featuring live sets from the Reading & Leeds Festivals:

The Icarus Line
The Icarus Line Website
Label: Buddyhead
The Icarus Line @ MySpace
Von Bondies
Von Bondies Website
Label: Dim Mak
Von Bondies @ Myspace
White Stripes
White Stripes Website
Label: Sympathy For The Record Industry
Label: XL Recordings
Label: V2

28th August 2002
Featuring live sets from the Reading Festival:

The Breeders
The Breeders Website
Label: 4ad
The Breeders @ Myspace
The classic Cannonball @ YouTube
Pulp Website [1]
Pulp Website [2]
Pulp @ Wikipedia
Label: Island
Label: Fire
Jarvis @ Myspace

29th August 2002
Peel Session:
Melys Website
Melys Feature
Label: Sylem
Label: Ankst

That’s your lot. Download. Enjoy. Continue to seed.

Never Used BitTorrent Before?
Don’t worry it’s really quite easy. Follow the two links below and you’ll be up and running in no time. If you know how to download a file you’re halfway there!

Recommended Software:
µTorrent – It’s Freeware and very simple use.

Guides to Using BitTorrent:
Easy Step-by-Step guide to using µTorrent with pictures for every step!
Slyck’s guide for BitTorrent in general.

If you really do get stuck (AFTER reading the guide above) just send me an email and I’ll do what I can to help :-D

36 Responses to “John Peel Torrent Pack Vol.1”

  1. 1 Tom
    2006/09/08 at 06:35

    Great selection but is there any chance of someone seeding this so I can do the same?

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2006/09/08 at 07:28

    Oh contraire. Things appear to be going rather well. See here ya cheeky bugger!

  3. 3 Tom
    2006/09/08 at 09:43

    LOL! It’s working now. I had it running for 3 hours without anything downloading yesterday. It said there had been 17 downloads but no seeds. I will leave it open as long as possible on my machines.jh

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2006/09/08 at 10:03

    It’s been seeding uninterrupted since around 7pm yesterday. I don’t know where you got those stats from but they’re incorrect.

    Anyway, glad you’re now downloading ok :-D

  5. 5 Tom
    2006/09/08 at 10:47

    The stats were from mininova.org itself before 7pm when I was trying to download but yes downlaoding fine now. Some of these replace files I lost on a crash a few months back!

  6. 6 DuffPaddy
    2006/09/08 at 11:19

    Nice one, DE! I have all of these except 1st. August, so if my files are the same I’ll be able to help seed them as soon as I get back tonight.

    Sadly, I don’t have those missing ones either, sorry.

  7. 7 Darryl
    2006/09/08 at 17:31

    Thanks for the selection, cant wait for the next (yes I am super impatient) :)

  8. 8 marcu
    2006/09/08 at 22:40

    just sent you an email with the yeah yeah yeahs session, I think i got it on emule! you guys remember that method from before torrents? (c;

    glad to help out

  9. 9 DrSativa
    2006/09/09 at 03:52

    I also found the Yeah yeah yeahs session on emule.

  10. 10 tom
    2006/09/09 at 07:26

    Thanks a lot! I have been carefully rationing my listening to the 10 or so shows I have so I don’t start to hate them, now I can rest them and start on these!

    Incidentally for CLI junkies like myself:

    1. install darwinports:
    2. $ sudo port install bittorrent
    3. $ bittorrent-curses.py http://www.mininova.org/get/417389

    Ubuntu linux:
    1. $ sudo apt-get install bittorrent
    2. $ btdownloadcurses http://www.mininova.org/get/417389

    Both worked for me admirably.



  11. 11 Anonymous
    2006/09/09 at 10:04

    Great! Many thanks for these shows. Hope you are feeling better. Steve W in Tokyo

  12. 12 domestic empire
    2006/09/09 at 11:05

    I think the only time torrent stats show any degree of accuracy in on a private tracker.

    DuffPaddy: By now you’ve discovered that your files won’t match. I’ve added a lot of info to the ID Tags. Thank you for the offer though.

    Marcu: I still miss WinMX myself. Made some good friends in the chat rooms. So thanks to Marcu the Yaeh Yeah Yeahs session can be got here. Plus it’s available on Emule according to the Dr.

    It’a also worth repeating that DrSativa has been making numerous Peel shows available on Usenet. Have to see if I can set up a feed for that too!

    Steve W in Tokyo: Thank you, I’m slowly getting there even if it is one step forward and two steps back. Going to concentrate some time on my music career I think :-)

  13. 13 DuffPaddy
    2006/09/09 at 13:53

    I don’t think those ID tags would have made much difference, DE. The BT client should have detected that the files were near-identical and only downloaded the piece(s) it needed. In any case, it’s irrelevant as it turns out mine are different encodes altogether. I’ll download the whole thing anyway.

    Looks like a very well put together torrent, BTW. Any more seeders out there…?

  14. 14 DuffPaddy
    2006/09/09 at 14:12

    Wow, that was quick! Two more seeders just jumped on … thanks!

  15. 15 marcu
    2006/09/09 at 15:09

    DE: thanks for the shout out! I also found the 20020821 show on emule too, but have no idea how long it’ll take to get! Shows just one person is offering it! When I get I’ll do as before.

    Also the last link you posted doesn’t seem to go anywhere!

    DP: I’ll be offering it for a while now that I have it all, so no need to panic!

  16. 16 domestic empire
    2006/09/09 at 15:20

    Thanks DP I take pride in my work :) Just starting to put together vol.2 plus I thought that a mammoth festive 50 torrent around christmas time might be a good idea – just the radio versions of course. I have quite a few but will probably call for contributions on that one. In fact no harm in comparing notes now…1980 (40-01), 1981 (20-01), 1983, 1985 (50-31), 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991 (10-01), 1992 (38-01), 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003.

  17. 17 domestic empire
    2006/09/09 at 15:32

    Marcu that’s great news. Is that the entire programme then?

    Sorry about the link I don’t know what happened there!!!

    So here it is proper like:

    Thanks to Marcu the Yeah Yeah Yeahs session can be found at the following address…

    I’ll print it this time, I’m not taking any chances.

  18. 18 DuffPaddy
    2006/09/09 at 16:51

    Re: the Festive 50s. Oooh, you have some I don’t (*salivates*)! At first glance I think I can sort you out for a bit more of 1981, most of 1990 and 2000 and the whole of 1982 & 1985 (thanks to Stuart MacLean for the latter). I also think 2004 is worth having, as it’s very Peel-influenced and I actually think da Bank didn’t do too bad a job under the circumstances (*dodges brickbats*).

    I’d like to plug some of my gaps (oo-er, missus), particularly 1984. Over to the my fellow JPED fans…!

  19. 19 marcu
    2006/09/09 at 19:12

    DE: 20020821-JPS yes the whole show apparently! Its about 110Megs but only ONE source so it could take a while!

  20. 20 domestic empire
    2006/09/10 at 01:32

    marcu: Ah but it’ll be worth it! Is it possible to contact the user to see if they have any more?

    Kenneth Williams, I mean, duffpaddy: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours – http://my.opera.com/garywalsh/blog/ !

  21. 21 DrSativa
    2006/09/10 at 18:17

    Let me know if you want to set up a feed for the Usenet shows. I will re-send them to make sure they are on the server for the longest ammount of time (approx 8 or 10 weeks on a good news server such as giganews, easynews, etc)

  22. 22 domestic empire
    2006/09/10 at 23:51

    Click on the new Usenet link in Download Options and it brings up all yours and others. I didn’t know they had a limited time to live but then I don’t use it very often.

  23. 23 DrSativa
    2006/09/11 at 09:01

    Aha I spy it now :) Well yes there is a time limit, it depends on the news server that you use. A good one can keep binary files for up to 3 months. I will try and resend them at the weekend, including all the new ones i have found since (including your new pack)

  24. 24 DuffPaddy
    2006/09/11 at 10:18

    OK, here’s what I have, Festive 50-wise:

    1980: 1 to 50
    1981: 1 to 50 (missing 21 to 30)
    1982: 1 to 50
    1982 [Alltime]: 1 to 50
    1983: 1 to 50
    1985: 1 to 50
    1986: 1 to 50
    1987: 1 to 50
    1988: 1 to 50 (missing 20)
    1989: 1 to 50
    1990: 1 to 50 (missing 39 and 40)
    1991 [Phantom 50]: 1 to 10
    1992: 1 to 38 (dodgy quality with missing bits)
    1993: 1 to 50
    1994: 1 to 50
    1996: 1 to 50
    2000: 2 to 50 (missing 21, 36 and 37)
    2000 [Alltime]:
    2001: 1 to 50
    2002: 1 to 50
    2003: 1 to 50
    2004 [da Bank]: 1 to 50

  25. 25 Anonymous
    2006/09/13 at 11:21

    This lloks great but it seems like there are no seeders already :(

  26. 26 Anonymous
    2006/09/13 at 11:52

    Should be seeding now!

    It’s the usual story I’m afraid: Take the data and run! Probably something we are all guilty of occasionally and one of the reasons I considered starting a private tracker but at the same time I don’t like the idea of imposing restrictions. The whole point of this blog is to make John’s archive easily and freely available. Volume 2 is already being assembled and I would hope for more cooperation on that one. If someone has any bright ideas….

    If ever you find that no one is seeding just leave a message anywhere on this site or send me an email and it’ll be sorted.

    domestic empire

  27. 27 Anonymous
    2006/09/13 at 12:24

    Forgot to add….

    DP: Someone will contact you to syncronise our data.

    Shall we say the border crossing at midnight? Your contact will be dressed in black with a cuban heel. Come alone and make sure you are not followed.

  28. 28 DuffPaddy
    2006/09/13 at 13:49

    Receiving you loud and clear, DE. The red kipper flies at midnight.

    Back to this torrent: I’ll be back seeding from Friday night to Monday morning. And with a bit of luck, I’ll be able to leave the laptop at home seeding for the next torrent. Or invest in a cheap desktop to do the work while I’m away.

  29. 29 DrSativa
    2006/09/13 at 19:34

    If you see no clients. Just keep waiting, or just shut down your client and open up again. Often, seeders often miraculously appear as soon as you have done this.

    OR it could be that you have firewall or NAT problems which BIt Torrent clients on the whole does not like.

  30. 30 marcu
    2006/09/13 at 22:05

    i have no idea what you guys are on about but i have been offering this constantly at a high rate since I got it on saturday! Although my client does say that availability is 1.000 !


  31. 31 domestic empire
    2006/09/14 at 08:53

    It is possible that Anonymous is only refering to mininova’s stats. That said where are the 19 or so seeders that have downloaded already huh? Bloody scarpered! Sometimes there are connectivity problems too as the dr correctly states.

    Don’t be misled I know we have good sharers & contributors here and it’s something that shall be recognised by the next release – but more of that later!

    For the record I blame the People’s Front Of Bittorent….

  32. 32 Tom
    2006/09/14 at 09:31

    I have started seeding this again in order to help out. I will keep it going as long as possible.

  33. 33 Anonymous
    2006/09/14 at 20:34

    this is brilliant, thanks for making this available!

    i’m not a complete idiot but feeling my way a bit with torrents, which are new to me, but as far as i can tell i’ve now seeded it too. that’s certainly my intention anyway; will leave it going for as long as possible.

    cheers and much respect


  34. 34 Tom
    2006/09/16 at 15:15

    What a wally! I have realised I was not seeding it right but have amended it today. Doh! Living and learning…..

  35. 35 Anonymous
    2006/09/18 at 22:17

    Could somebody seed this please?

  36. 36 Anonymous
    2006/09/19 at 12:58

    Hi there are still no seeder for this torrent :(

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