Torrent Pack Vol.1.1 UPDATE

Thanks to marcu’s work we now have one of the missing programmes from August 2002. It’s available as a torrent – link below.

And in case you missed it he also located the Yeah Yeah Yeahs session from the 22nd August 2002. Clever lad :-D

Thanks marcu!

21st August 2002 – Peel Session: The D4

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Peel Session

4 Responses to “Torrent Pack Vol.1.1 UPDATE”

  1. 1 marcu
    2006/09/15 at 20:25

    DE: its September 2006 now! The shows are from August 2002. Messing around with torrents in the evening can do that to you! (c;


  2. 2 domestic empire
    2006/09/15 at 21:34

    Right that’s it then I’ve officialy spent far too long in front of this machine for one day. I’m off to bed.

    Cheers marcu (proof-reader and file locator par excellence) :-)

  3. 3 DuffPaddy
    2006/09/15 at 21:42

    Many thanks to marcu & DE for making this one available! It was great to hear the 3Ys session; even better to have Peelie’s comments and the whole show that surrounded it.

  4. 4 bruce
    2006/09/16 at 07:11

    Your suggestions re: how to get around the “technical problem” with commenting across the two versions of Blogger have worked, DE. And what a beautifully simple solution! Many thanks.

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