Peter Blake’s CD Artwork

First look at the cover for the upcoming Peel CD: John Peel Right Time Wrong Speed: 1977-1987. Hopefully a better quality image of Peter Blake’s artwork will arrive soon. Track listing from previous posting here. The album is released by Warner on October 9th 2006. Ka-ching!

9 Responses to “Peter Blake’s CD Artwork”

  1. 1 Bruce Hodder
    2006/09/23 at 22:58

    A lovely picture of our John, I think, don’t you?

  2. 2 wooodenelephant
    2006/09/30 at 10:15

    this is a great site. i’m looking forward to this cd. its great that peel championed acts like Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit will be appearing alongside popular alternative bands like Cure and Joy Division. Great title too. And, yes, lovely artwork.

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2006/09/30 at 19:49

    Thank you for those appreciative words Elephant Man – your own site has indeed much to commend it’s writing, but you make me deeply envious of your present work location you jammy git! Valencia is one of my favourite places.

  4. 4 Huge
    2006/10/07 at 16:05

    Thursday October 12th 2006

    John Peel Day

    Caffe Yu Fest

    21h c.e.t.

    Subotica , Vojvodina , Serbia

    Line up:

    Huge Selecta and WB41

  5. 5 Bob
    2006/10/09 at 12:58

    Can anyone tell me who is behind the right time wrong speed compilation CD. Just wondering if it was an “official” cd?, or someone just compiling the songs?


  6. 6 domestic empire
    2006/10/10 at 11:18

    It’s an official record release and should be available at all retailers now.

    Just to be clear this site doesn’t promote music-only bootlegs, only recordings featuring John himself for collectors. If something is availble commercially you are expected to buy it. We don’t boot official commercial product here. Mind you any bootlegger managing to solicit the artistic services of Sir Peter Blake would surely deserve some credit!!!

  7. 7 wooodenelephant
    2006/10/12 at 22:30

    And thankyou for your kind words, sir. Valencia is indeed jolly nice, a que si?

  8. 8 TheUpsetter1969
    2006/10/15 at 08:49

    I’ve just bought this and it’s currently stuck in the cd walkman and gracing my ears on the way to work. Keep up the good work great blog.

  9. 9 Bob Smeaton
    2006/11/08 at 14:07

    The album is great, and to have Sir Peter Blake’s work on the cover is a real coup. I hope that it will be available as a limited edition print in the near future and I also hope that I may have some part in making that happen.

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