Peel News Roundup

Siezed by an almost overwhelming and unexpected urge to live (at least when I started the draft), it’s a new posting!

It’s good to know that the John Peel torrents are still going strong. And I’m sure there are others with more MB’s per second than me who have even better ratios. Thanks to all the seeders :)

John Peel Torrent Pack Vol.1 – Share Ratio: 10.114 Uploaded: 6.77GB
John_Peel_20020821.rar – Share Ratio: 27.246 Uploaded: 2.04GB

I don’t know how long the Rapidshare folder has been empty but clearly people do prefer Torrents to RS it seems, however I thnk there ought to be a range of download options so I’ll see about getting some plain old http files available.

I offer my upmost apologies to the helpful Neil Kelleher who kindly sent in a good print-size version (1387×1387) of Peter Blake’s artwork – only for me to ignore him. If you’ve breathed more than a few strong words to the effect of my ungratefullness then I don’t blame you! Grab it here…

And now direct from the JP Web News Desk we bring you …di-di-di-di, di-di-di, di-di-di-di-di… (70’s style news jingle) more John Peel Web News.

Peter Blake just so happens to be the subject of The South Bank Show tonight on ITV1 Sunday 19th November at 22:45, although there might be regional variations. There’s also an extended interview online at itv.com/southbank

Kat’s Karavan
Check out Kat’s Karavan for some vintage Peel. DuffPaddy has an edition of Night Ride or ‘Son of Night Right’ but I’ll let him fill you in with the complete details, from May 1969.

The Peel Tapes
The Peel Tapes continue unabaited with Jon Horne‘s 1980 retrospective including the Festive Fifty and the Independent Labels Special from April of that year.

The Perfumed Garden
Kris has a Tim Buckley session recorded for Peel’s Top Gear program in 1968 along with a mountain of others.

The Runout Groove
Local (to me anyway) lad Jamie continues his knack for uncovering new hidden gems and dispensing old Peel sessions despite now having to live in the Real World where care-free memories of student days are now just a haze. From July 2003 comes a Peel sesh by The French, whose only song I know is the one that got into the Festive Fifty, and Do Make Say Think from 2000

Indie MP3
Indie MP3 is always worth visiting and now has it’s own “indie mp3 rapidshare archive”, which currently contains the complete Festive Fifty from 1986.

Cafe Puschkin
The serving of the following special Peel dishes is now available: 5th December 2003, 4th February 2004, 30th March 2004, 27th November 2003, 29th November 2003, a Peel Compilation and a few other things.

The Ted Chippington Revival at Frankosonic
I also want to happily jump on the Ted Chippington publicity bandwagon. It seems the laconic comic – again from the 80’s – is appearing in public again with hopes for a new box set of his complete recordings. I can’t recall where I first saw him. Maybe on Channel 4’s The Tube or it could have been any one of a number of New Variety/Alternative Comedy events of it’s day, but suffice to say that I’ve never forgotton him and it’s good to hear his name being mention again. If you like dry northern humour consider a move to Lancashire or on the other hand visit Frankosonic and lsiten to some audio examples beacuse my description doesn’t do him justice. Welcome back Ted.

And finally…
Things have been quite here for about a month or more but regulars no doubt know this is to be expected due to health (no sympathy please – just stating facts), and, well because the internet is like that isn’t it? That’s what makes it so darn fun. I’ve also been spending a little time and a lot of money building up a studio to record my own musical ideas. Big Up to Turnkey; F.O.A.D. to Studiospares (useless cunts)! Rest assured though that any lulls will generally be followed by peaks of activity.

More torrents are planned – I still haven’t ruled out the possibility of getting something completed before Christmas. And Eddie (not Eric), may even get his disc soon too!

I’ve a feeling I’ve forgotten one or two things I wanted to mention but if I remember they’ll go in the comments. I tire so easily these days – that do ya for now?

2 Responses to “Peel News Roundup”

  1. 1 domestic empire
    2006/11/21 at 00:54

    This one came in just a day too late to include but Roger over at The Furtive Fifty has a Dave Clarke sesh from February 2004.

    I also keep forgetting to mention John Peel’s Record Box which is an outlet to a brilliant bunch of dedicated record hunters.

    And Jamie has just added PJ Harvey recorded live at Peel Acres over at The Runout Groove.

    There’s a lot of it about isn’t there? (“,)

  2. 2 Jamie Summers
    2006/12/10 at 17:19

    huurah! well done to all, good to see everyone’s keeping up the good work. it is indeed a bitch trying to work and blog, but i shall persevere. thanks for the links!

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