Get Into Radio With John Peel [CDRiP]

Getting Into Radio Introduced by John Peel (1999)

Now then, here’s a cute little curio featuring our John. It’s a rip from a promotional CD that was produced for people interested in a career in radio. I know!

Don’t be put-off though because it is in fact a well produced affair. Peelie hosts the one hour documentary featuring numerous industry professionals and it is interesting enough in itself even if you have no plans for a life on the waves. Now there’s a pun worthy of local radio. You can have that one on me!

From the Sleeve Notes:
“Getting Into Radio is a unique collection of advice, suggestions, hints and tips from our collegues throughout the radio industry. We know that you’ll find it useful and hope that you enjoy it.”

Track Listing:
01. Getting Into Radio – Introduction by John Peel
02. Engineering – From studio sessions to digits: An essential guide.
03. Production – The skills and interests you need to make it.
04. Sales and Marketing – How to sell yourself into a selling role.
05. Journalism – Editors and journalists with the inside story.
06. Commercial Production – An insider’s guide to 30 second heaven.
07. Presentation – Presenters on how to get in and get on the air.
08. Getting Into Radio – A final thought, “Never give up!”

Running time: 1hr 31sec

It’s a rapidshare link for now – you don’t mind too much do you? The comments are there if you do!

*sorry link dead*

3 Responses to “Get Into Radio With John Peel [CDRiP]”

  1. 1 El
    2006/12/11 at 16:57

    Thank you v much for this. It’s so great to hear his work being celebrated.

    Now, to follow all that advice :P

  2. 2 Ed
    2007/10/11 at 08:47

    can you re-upload this? please?

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2007/12/02 at 02:58

    For ed and everyone else:

    Get Into Radio With John Peel (rapidshare)


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