Your Chance To Feature In New Peel Book

Quick Intro Then Down To Business:
Lots to get through so I shall be posting at least once a day for the entire week. Well that’s the plan at least, which doesn’t even leave me any time to show off my Fender Classic 60’s Jazz Bass – the envy of all me neighbours. “Turn it up”, they shout. “Gimme more dem righteous riddims white boy”, they yell, banging on the wall. Ah bless ’em. One thing I must stress is don’t miss Mark Lamarr’s Reggae Show back on the radio every Wednesday. This week Mark talks to reggae Musician/Producer/Legend Tapper Zukie. Anyone have recordings of the first series from a few years ago called ‘Beginners Guide to Reggae’? I’d love to hear some of those again.

Your Chance To Feature In New Peel Book:
Now then, a new book regarding John Peel or more specifically the Mix Tapes we all used to make, is in progress and each of us has an oppurtunity to be a part of it. To fill in the background to this project I’ll defer to it’s author Martyn Baldock:

“I am someone who grew up listening to John Peel. He informed my musical being. Now I have grown up, (and some), I am a photographer and I’m currently making a book about fellow Peel fans. Well, not the actual fans, but their tapes. The tapes that they recorded from Peel shows. Tapes of sessions, shows and festive fifties.

I came up with the idea after re-finding my collection of festive fifty tapes. It is sad but I had stashed them away as redundant (stereo ‘upgrade’ left me without tape deck). It is unlikely I will play the tapes ever again as I have now sourced mp3 versions to fuel my i-pod. However, tapes hold an aesthetic appeal to me and I want to document this form of technology before people start to dispose of it.

Although physical cassettes are all very similar the content and labelling are unique to each tape.

The book will be very simple – images of tapes, maybe some text about the owner and the content of the tape.

I am writing to appeal for tapes. For this project to work I need lots of tapes to photograph. I am hoping that each ‘home taper’ will be prepared to lend me one of their favourite Peel tapes. For it to work I need to photograph each tape in an identical manner. I will need to borrow the physical tape to photograph in controlled conditions in my studio.

I can assure you that I will respect the irreplaceable nature of your tape; I will be very careful. If you are a willing participant then I will send you a stamped addressed, recorded delivery, waterproof envelope, for you to send me the tape. Once I have photographed it I will return it in the same manner, without delay.

As well as taking the form of a book this project will be exhibited in London in July. Any participants will get to see their tape featured in a variety of different mediums. I can also assure you of anonymity if desired.

If you are interested please email me and I will be really chuffed to advise you accordingly.

Best Wishes
Martyn Baldock”

Sounds like a great idea to me. Would be a good opportunity for all those that know each other to feature side-by-side. Hopefully Martyn will keep me informed of progress and we’ll certainly be coming back to this one. Hmmm, Martyn about those recordings of yours…

Check back for more Peel related news and downloads all this week plus those of you waiting on dvd’s, they’re being mailed out this week – finally.

Oh and a final P.S. I’ve been forced to change over to the New Blogger which means – as usual – some of the code behind these pages may break, so if you see anything really terrible on your platform/browser combo please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks :)

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  1. 1 Grimnir
    2007/07/15 at 09:19

    Seems on the surface like a good idea but sounds remarkably like a cheap way of getting hold of as many Peel tapes as humanly possible before one dies! If it IS genuine then I have about 750 cassettes containing stuff not available elsewhere. I might send some in.

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