Dandelion Radio’s March Schedule

Andrew Morrison:
Andy’s March show for Dandelion Radio features an exciting combination of signed, unsigned and live music. Signed music includes new releases from Bloc Party, The Race, Malcolm Middleton and Bonemachine, and there are eight exclusive live tracks from Seagull Strange recorded in London back in January. Unsigned treats come from The Steals, Roger Species & DJ Reach, Ives & 303DIDTHISTOME, amongst others. There are two more tracks from the excellent Samuraj Cities, and what is probably a first ever play anywhere in the world of what will be Autons’ second single release.

March sees the Radiodubster boys distilling yet another of their finely blended shows. With musical ingredients such as Jakokoyak, Menomena, Matthew Bayot plus The Race live from the Luminaire london, they mix together to create two hours that are good on the ear but have a kick like a full pint of Absinthe. (some songs may contain explicit lyrical content)

Neil Jenkins:
In this month’s extended 3-hour programme, Neil features three tracks from Bass’Flo (including an exclusive airing), steps back a year or two to play you something from Go Jonny Go Go Go Go Records and plays the full live set from My Device recorded especially for Dandelion Radio during Shifty Disco’s 10th birthday event at The Kilburn Luminaire, London at the end of January. As a bonus, you’ll even discover a great way to relieve boredom using a web-based language translator. So, tune in, open the Rioja and put your feet up for a while.

Rachael Neiman Experience:
March’s ‘Rachael Neiman Experience’ is jam-packed with ear-pleasing treats, including our very first exclusive live session, recorded for Dandelion Radio at Cargo in London by Bristol’s wondrous popsmiths Forest Giants, which is absolutely not to be missed!

Elsewhere in the show, we have to offer other unashamedly poptastic treats, including quirky antifolk loveliness from Brighton’s Mertle, gorgeous Sheffield pop from Balor Knights and Screaming Mimi, yet more top notch Norwichcore from the heart-breakingly lovely Tiger MCs and Charlotte and Sam from Le Tetsuo’s scuzzy new side project Chickedy and McGuffin, smart Dutch indiepop from The Sugarettes, pretty Germman pop from Rocket Upper Cut, utterly amazing London art pop from Shrag, Wolfie and Old Bamboo, Irish noise pop from the fabulous Fight Like Apes, dark pop from Emily Breeze and Captain Polaroid, good old fashioned punk from The Wot Nots, wide-eyed boy-pop from Butcher Boy, Tim Ten Yen and Lonely Boy and odd American pop from Colourful People.

Rocker’s Dandelion Radio show for March 2007: I had so much good music come in during the last month that March’s show is a 3-hour epic – it features the usual diverse mix of musical genres – the rise of MySpace continues apace with at least 10 tracks only available from the individual bands’ pages – as well as tracks from new releases by such artists as Helsinki, Smokers Die Younger; Rekorder; The Redlands Palomino Company; Ost & Kjex; and The Manhattan Love Suicides. There’s a classic Peel’s big 45 from The White Stripes and a reissued rock’n’roll medley from Ted Chippington – enjoy!

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The ‘Dandy’ continue to go from strength to strength and seem to be growing at a nice steady pace. Be sure to have a listen.


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