Download The 2006 Festive Fifty

The Festive Fifty 2006:
Sorry about the lack of updates but here’s a rip of the 2006 Festive Fifty as broadcast on Dandelion Radio. It was requested a while ago on the newsgroup – by Mr. YankSizzler I think, anyway it’s now seeding on demonoid and I’ll eventually get round to adding it to some others too.

Now available in new handy size public tracker version: mininova Hmmm, tastes good.

Peace & out
domestic empire

4 Responses to “Download The 2006 Festive Fifty”

  1. 1 Boris
    2007/04/26 at 21:01

    can someone post a torrent-file please? Registration for demonoid is closed :-(

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/04/26 at 23:52

    I was under the impression all new torrents were accessible for one week without membership but I see this grace period is actually much shorter and has now closed.

    Don’t worry, extra open trackers have already been included in this torrent – I just need to add it to the relevant databases. Should be available to all shortly.

    Thanks for the feedback Boris.

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2007/04/27 at 00:17

    Public Tracker Link:


  4. 4 DuffPaddy
    2007/04/29 at 10:21

    Thanks for this, DE! Good to see you back.

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