Sony Radio Academy Awards 2007

Another possible posthumous award for Peelie? Okay, so it may only be of passing interest, in that we don’t need anyone else to us how great John was, but I thought I’d flag it up so you can watch the live webcast tonight if you’re stuck for something to do. I’ve highlighted Alan Freeman’s name in the list below because it may well be felt he has not adequately received his just recognition. If Johnny Walker hadn’t recovered so well from cancer,(last I heard he’s ok and hopefully still doing well), then he might also have been a contender, but I think It’s reasonably certain one needs to be deceased to be in with a shot this year. Kenny Everett is an outside bet in my opinion as he’s pretty well acknowledged for his radio & TV work.

“The 2007 Sony Radio Academy Awards will take place on Monday, 30th April,
at Grosvenor House, London, from 7.00pm.

Find out the winners as they are revealed, via the live webcast. Listen here.

The Broadcasters’ Broadcasters Award
In recognition of the 25th Anniversary, this year’s Sony Radio Academy Awards will include the very special celebration of one radio broadcaster as The Broadcasters’ Broadcaster. Sony Radio Academy Awards Committee have prepared a short list from which these choices are to be made. This list is the result of extensive debate by the Committee and the following individuals were chosen to reflect the names most quoted by broadcasters as being their greatest influence. Full list of those contenders for the 2007 Broadcasters’ Broadcaster are:

Danny Baker, Zoe Ball, Tony Blackburn, Alistair Cooke, Noel Edmonds, Chris Evans, Kenny Everett, Neil Fox, Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, Paul Gambaccini, John Humphrys, Sue MacGregor, Eddie Mair, Chris Moyles, Annie Nightingale, Christian O’Connell, John Peel, Anna Raeburn, Jonathan Ross, Les Ross, Roger Scott, Chris Tarrant, Johnnie Walker, Terry Wogan, Steve Wright.”

| Sony Radio Academy Awards 2007

looking back…Sony Gold Award for John Peel 2002:

Across four decades of broadcasting, his championship of music that is both new and different has set the style for which he’s become best known. Since his days on commercial radio in the USA and his ‘Perfumed Garden’ show on Big L, he’s helped launch the careers of myriad artists including Marc Bolan, Pink Floyd, New Order and Pulp.

He can claim an unrivalled record of 35 years of broadcasting for Radio 1 – along the way his unmistakable voice has cropped up on at one time or another, all of the BBC’s networks including the World Service. He’s been a regular on BFBS. Currently he’s promoting the benefits of DAB on the nation’s commercial stations, but most significantly in recent years, he’s been reflecting on the trials and tribulations of home life on Radio 4’s ‘Home Truths’.

| Radio award for ‘unrivalled’ Peel

Thanks to Jane Anderson from the Radio Times for bringing this to my attention. Anderson and Alison Graham remain, for me, the only two reasons to bother with RT these days, other than it’s radio listings, but don’t let me get started on dumbing-down!

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