Top Award For John Peel

John Peel Wins Broadcasters’ Broadcaster at the 25th Sony Radio Academy Awards

“London 30th April: It was announced at the 25th Sony Radio Academy Awards, the UK’s most prestigious radio accolades, that the late great John Peel is The Broadcasters’ Broadcaster, a special one-off award to mark the anniversary year. The posthumous Award to John Peel, himself a multiple Sony Gold winner across three decades, was collected by his wife Sheila, and was voted for by UK broadcasters from a short-list of 25 radio icons drawn up by the Sony Radio Academy Awards Committee, chosen to reflect the names most quoted by today’s broadcasters as being their greatest influence.”

“…there was little doubt who the assembled on-air talent regarded as the best radio broadcaster of their generation. To mark the 25th anniversary of the awards, all on-air broadcasters in Britain took part in a one-off poll that found the late John Peel to be the “most outstanding broadcaster of the last quarter century”.

The Broadcasters’ Broadcaster award was just the latest in a stream of accolades paid to Peel since his death in 2004. For almost four decades, he championed new music on Radio 1 and in the latter part of his career he also established a committed Radio 4 fanbase with Home Truths.”

| Memory of Peel lives on as pioneer wins ‘radio Bafta’ Independent
| John Peel hailed as the broadcasters’ broadcaster Guardian

No relevant pictures available as yet and strangly no report on BBC News. Am I being too impatient, I thought the web worked quicker than this? Mind you that comes as no surprise considering that without a direct link or web search you’d never stumble upon John’s Radio 1 site.

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  1. 1 Anonymous
    2007/07/14 at 05:59

    Typical Beeb I’m afraid – despite their gushing at the time they’ve quickly forgotten and now want us to.

    BTW have you any idea where I can track down the Peel Sessions by Nic Jones? – Peel’s contribution to Folk and Folk artists is being written out of history



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