Music News (Week 18)

Even More John Peel Downloads:
New John Peel blog hits the internet – woohoo, can’t have enough of them I say. Already there is a wide selection of Peel programmes, sessions and other good stuff to download so get over there now and make sure you bookmark it.
| Fades in Slowly

Mark E Smith Latest:
Current issue of The Wire magazine features Von Südenfed, Mark’s new project with Mouse on Mars plus their wesite has a track from the debut album and the promo video for their forthcoming single.
| audio
| video

4 Responses to “Music News (Week 18)”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2007/05/04 at 06:54

    Thanks for comments, be sure that I’ll be plugging this website constantly too!

    BTW, I’m looking for a January 1982 show that was mentioned on your ‘John Peel Pages’. Any chance of making it available?

    Keep up the great work.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/05/04 at 23:26

    I noticed recently that my Peel list needs updating so I can’t give you an immediate answer to this one but I shall have a rumage and see what I can come up with.

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2007/05/19 at 18:02

    After careful checking it appears I don’t have that programme.

    You could try DuffPaddy over at Kats Karavan. He has a very large collection of files and it’s about time the lazy bastard posted something. te-hee ;-p

  4. 4 DuffPaddy
    2007/05/25 at 20:37

    Oi, Empire, ya cheeky git! (Fair comment, though, in all seriousness).

    But as it goes I was planning a bit of an update-fest this weekend anyway. I have a couple of new goodies to post up, as well as repost of the 1983 F50.

    Oh, and yes, Entrailicus: I do have that 18th January 1982 show, or at least the 30 minute encode that Dubster posted up last January. So I’ll throw that in to my posting schedule for this weekend as well!

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