Birth of a Legend

30th of August 1939 is the date John Robert Parker Ravenscroft was born – as most us know well enough. He would come to be known as John Peel or simply Peelie and would go on to change the lives and fortunes of millions across five decades.

It’s by no means an exaggeration to say he brought hope, excitement and opportunities to all of us and that his influence will continue to be felt wherever music, integrity, laughter and originality reside.

We celebrate you John, today and everyday.

For newcomers…
John Peel at Wikipedia
John Peel at BBC Radio 1

4 Responses to “Birth of a Legend”

  1. 1 DuffPaddy
    2007/08/30 at 09:58

    Thanks Gary. Very nicely put.

    P.S. Would kill to get hold of that Round Table with the Rhythm Pals & Kate Bush below!

  2. 2 So It Goes
    2007/08/30 at 22:14

    Agreed. Thank you Gary for reminding us.

  3. 3 Anonymous
    2007/08/31 at 16:19

    Yeah, happy birthday, John Peel!

    Steve W

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2007/08/31 at 18:20

    Will do mr duffy sir.

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