John Peel Faith Healer MiX (mp3)

Well I just bet you all enjoyed the royal celebrations today didn’t you? But if like me you feel somewhat jaded and marginalised by this theatre for a docile mainstream I give you the John Peel Faith Healer MiX. My tiny tribute in respect of John’s birthday and as an antidote to today’s insult to 46.5 billion years of evolution.

I didn’t want to spend ages compiling it plus it had to be short and contain no chat. But it is nicely mixed and contains some great tunes old and new.

Never mind the length missus feel the quality.

Grab the torrent here
Or direct dl here
a snip at only 47.3MB
191kbps VBR

Hope you enjoy it :)

Track Listing

Track 1 | 00:00
The Sonics – Have Love Will Travel
Album: Here Are The Sonics (1965)
Etiquette Records

Track 2 | 02:36
Vibronics – Marcus Garvey
10”: Lush LRS10 (2007)

Track 3 | 06:29
Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith – Please
Album: The Ideal Condition (2007)
ACP Recordings
Paul Hartnoll

Track 4 | 10:26
Electrelane – The Greater Times
Album: No Shouts No Calls
Too Pure
Electrelane@Too Pure

Track 5 | 13:56
The Marshmallow Kisses – Everyone Else Is Ahead, Far Ahead
EP: I Wonder Why My Favorite Boy Leaves Me an EP (2005)
The Marshmallow Kisses

Track 6 | 16:38
Soweto Percussion Ensemble – Abakithi
Album: Tales of the Drum (2003)
Sheer Sound SLCD 053
Soweto Percussion Ensemble@Sheer Sound

Track 7 | 20:37
Jarvis Cocker and Kid Loco – I Just Came To Tell You That I’m Going (Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais)
Album: Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited (2006)
Promotional site

Track 8 | 24:09
Professor Longhair – Mardi Gras In New Orleans
Album: Atlantic R’n’B 1947-1952 Volume 1 (2006)
Warner Music
Professor Longhair@Wikipedia

Track 9 | 27:02
(Val)Liam – Perfectly Rational
Album: Intermittent Memories (Compilation) (2007)
Celestial Dragon
Celestial Dragon Records


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5 Responses to “John Peel Faith Healer MiX (mp3)”

  1. 1 chris.h
    2007/09/05 at 13:25

    Thanks for this, brought me back into the realms of humanity after a stressfull morning on the day job…


  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/09/05 at 16:18

    Ah yes indeed, the miraculous holistic healing power of music.

    Thanks for the comment Chris I’m glad you enjoyed it :D

  3. 3 DuffPaddy
    2007/09/17 at 16:02

    Thanks Gary!

    Bit late onto this, but looking forward to giving it a go when I get in tonight.

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2007/09/17 at 20:18

    Hope you like it Eddie. I might out up some more because I’ve heard so many good things lately.

    A self imposed rule of ‘No new mix without a peel show going up too’ would probably be a good idea actually – best of both worlds :D

    By the way did your disc arrive ok?

  5. 5 DuffPaddy
    2007/09/18 at 06:03

    Yes, thanks for the disc, it arrived safely! But I haven’t listened to it yet. Been away for two weeks, still catching up.

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