John Peel Interview – New Download

Library photo of John in a studio – but not New Zealand

***UPDATED 30th November WITH NEW WEB LINK***

It is with thanks to John B. we have a ‘New’, and dare I say it, ‘Exclusive’, John Peel interview? The fact is most of us won’t have heard this before so it’s a real treat.

Recorded in Auckland for Student Radio station 95bfm in 2002. I can find no reference to it on their site though. Shame it would have been nice to have a photo to accompany this.

John the raconteur is on fine form here and, as is invariably the case, very insightful. His brief narrative regarding the inner workings of Radio 1 back then, (doubtless nothing’s changed since), speak volumes.

It’s this manifest of civil servant mentality that has kept me from listening to it ever since John’s passing.

I vaguely recall certain comments made by someone on the John Peel newsgroup ridiculing me for proclaiming there was no longer any reason to listen to Radio 1. Perhaps they ought to listen to this to understand why.

It’s not the knowledge of the process but because of the results that I choose to abstain. I don’t need to know how it works, just that it doesn’t sound like anything I want to listen to.

It also explains why people flock to Dandelion Radio, SlashMusic, The Yank Sizzler and Another Fine Mess to name a few.

I am extremely grateful to John B. for sending me this. You can find his online activities here:
You Must Be From Away
Mainz Daily Photo

Download The File
You have two options again: Torrent and Web.

John Peel Interview via BitTorrent
John Peel Interview via Rapidshare

3 Responses to “John Peel Interview – New Download”

  1. 1 nonstopdancer
    2007/09/25 at 14:14

    Fantastic. Thank you!

  2. 2 Anonymous
    2007/10/11 at 19:21

    Any chance of a download link?

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2007/11/30 at 00:41

    John Peel’s Interview for Auckland’s 95bFM in 2002:

    Yep here it is!


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