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Norwich is the new rock and roll :
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“Channel 4 DJ Tom Ravenscroft – the son of the much missed John Peel – DJ’s at the Playhouse Bar around a live set from former Hefner front man Darren Hayman.

“DUMDUCKERDUM is a new music festival for Norwich taking place over three days from 19th-21st October 2007. The festival will feature the best new popular music from around the world and be hosted in venues across the city such as the Arts Centre, St. Andrew’s Hall, The Waterfront, The Playhouse, The Talk, Cinema City, The Workshop, and Dragon Hall plus various bars, pubs, retail outlets and open spaces. DUMDUCKERDUM will bring the best artists and bands from across the Atlantic, the banks of the Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne – and the far side of Anglia Square – and fill the city with mellifluous noise. Lovely.”

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Fascism Back is in Vogue – and it affects us all.

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