New Peel Documentary on Radio 1 Today

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Bloody hell I almost forgot about this tonight.

Keeping It Peel
Sunday 30 September
10:00pm – 12:00am
BBC Radio 1

“John Peel was one of the original Radio 1 DJs from 1967. He originally joined on a six-week contract but remained on-air for 37 years until his death in 2004. In this special programme, Elijah Wood introduces two hours of classic Peel.”

Elijah Wood? Yeah I know, but apparently he’s a big Peel fan. What the hell let’s give the boy a chance!

Also BEFORE that, is this…

The A-Z of Radio 1
Sunday 30 September
9:00pm – 10:00pm
BBC Radio 1

“Radio 1, established 1967. Spend an hour reliving some memorable Radio 1 moments.”

Although likely to feature clips we’ve all heard dozens of times before it might throw up the odd interesting moment.

Yeah keep it locked y’all (Feeling light headed – had no breakfast yet ok? The things I do to get this info online for you. Sheesh)

BBC Radio 1
John Peel @ BBC Radio 1

3 Responses to “New Peel Documentary on Radio 1 Today”

  1. 1 Ann O'Dyne
    2007/10/01 at 02:54

    I have arrived here fully cognisant of the eminence of the Late Mr. John Peel in the music field.

    I am going around all the links with Reverend Frost
    of Spread The Good Word
    the music blog
    to say he is in trouble and to ask if you can PayPal him even ONE EURO (100+ people link to him)
    he would be paid back for all the tracks we have downloadeded from his blog.
    Peace and love …

  2. 2 Anonymous
    2007/10/01 at 05:20

    Listen again to Keeping It Peel here :-)


  3. 3 So It Goes
    2007/10/02 at 10:37

    I missed this (of course, because there is an 8-hour time difference between London and Seoul!), but I am gratified that you are considering uploading it (as you said on the Peel group). More power to your elbow, sir!!!

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