Festive Fifty 2007 Kicks Off

Dandelion Radio is the home of the Festive Fifty, as you should now almost certainly be aware, and now is the time to begin whittling those favourite tracks of the year down to a mere three. We have between now and midnight on November 30th to cast our votes.

“We are running it on the same lines as John Peel’s Festive Fifty. So you can vote for 3 tracks from this year. In theory they could be anything, but tracks that you have heard on Dandelion Radio or on BBC Radio 1 OneMusic shows are what we expect will be at the front of your mind. But don’t forget. IT’S FOR TRACKS FROM 2007”

More information and the voting form for this years Festive Fifty at Dandelion Radio can be found here

2 Responses to “Festive Fifty 2007 Kicks Off”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2007/10/05 at 08:02

    I feel honourd to have my own button, I feel obliged to get my arse into gear and start posting more often now!


    PS – Watch out for my entry for the 2007 Festive 50, soon to be exclusively availablke on the blog.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/10/05 at 14:43

    You’re welcome entrailicus. My intention is that the site always be inclusive of the entire Peel/Music community.

    I was also thinking of posting up my 3 festive fifty tracks. I look forward to hearing your selection. In fact I hope more people do this because there are bound to be things we’ve missed between each other.

    OK then, a posting here on the site to all those that do! (just email me the link to your blog post)

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