Climb Aboard The Bi-Polar Express

It’s that time again. I feel completely fucked and have no energy to update.

I’ve been tempted on several occasions to say ‘fuck it’ and delete the whole damned site. But then i’ve also designed a wordpress theme for a brand new site so I really don’t know which way it’s going to go at the moment.

Some cunt deleted the rapidshare files too. how clever.

I have been thinking about ways of getting more peel content online and available. That’s really all I want to do. I’ve got a few ideas. Blanks & postage perhaps? A rolling msg board of links maybe? I don’t know. Things don’t seem efficient as they stand. There’s another couple of Faith Healer mixes to go up too but I just can’t be arsed, [to use the vernacular], you know what I mean?

And if none of this makes sense don’t you’re not alone. I don’t need feedback on this I’m just letting you know what’s [not] happening.

Please remember that I don’t tell you any of this for any kind of sympathy. It’s my problem and I’m dealing with it. But I really do feel guilty when I know there are things that need posting and especially emails that need answering.

7 Responses to “Climb Aboard The Bi-Polar Express”

  1. 1 So It Goes
    2007/10/26 at 14:52

    Please don’t feel guilty about anything. Your site is (and should be) an inspiration to all. I know you don’t want my sympathy and I know it’s your problem, but as it is, having a wife with OCD, I can at least empathise.
    Take care and never give up. You are needed, even if some can’t be bothered to articulate it.

  2. 2 Anonymous
    2007/10/26 at 20:18

    as above (not with same wife situation though).


  3. 3 domestic empire
    2007/10/28 at 04:04

    Please visit Rare Indie Classics he’s feeling pretty pissed off too. Perhaps it’s the early evenings ^_~

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Thanks Steve & Mike I appreciate you both taking the time to comment. I know what I said but your comments did/do help :-)

    I was giving some considering as to why exactly I post those kind of candid confessionals as I generally wish I hadn’t almost immediately afterwards. I came to the conclusion that it’s an attempt to embarrass myself in action. Akin to bringing things to a deliberate crisis point from where it is impossible to escape or hide any more. Except on a menial blogging level!

    I imagine your wife’s OCD is perhaps similar on certain levels Steve. Certainly in so far as she is doubtless able to reason and rationalise about herself and yet…if your brain is firing off chemicals indiscrimately, as in my case, no amount of smarty pants or clever clogs is going to fix it. Though being objective does indeed help to dissipate things I’m certain of that.

    I am at least feeling a little better and planning to move this site over to my own hosting where hopefully I should be able to manage things more easily.

    – – – – – – – (“,) – – – – – – – –

  4. 4 Onion Terror
    2007/10/31 at 11:19

    What did Space sing? It’s me and you against the world…. ha!
    I won’t offer you any sympathy then but a couple of tips for file storage. Maybe you use them already but http://www.fileden.com let’s you manage 1GB of files as a free user. Good if you keep the bitrate down!
    Also, http://www.divshare.com gives you unlimited space. I haven’t used that one yet but worth a look.

  5. 5 domestic empire
    2007/11/01 at 14:33

    Thanks for the tip. I shall have a look at those two. What I’ve noticed in the past is that although these places genourously give you lots of storage space the size of each file is often restricted.

    I think ultimately bittorrent is probably the way to go, at least for me it seems easiest. There’s no waiting while you upload to a server plus no arbitrary file deletions by COMPLETE FUCKING CUNTS – ok gary calm down now.

    I mean honestly what’s the point eh? How insignificant a person do you have to be for that to do that?

    I’ve wandered – thanks again Monsieur Onions.


  6. 6 Anonymous
    2007/11/02 at 09:19

    I think I speak for most of us when I say I wouldn’t have started my blog without your inspiration.

    However things go, thanks


  7. 7 domestic empire
    2007/11/05 at 07:49

    Thanks Entrailicus, and in turn I doff my cap to Jon at The Peel Tapes.

    I do hate to involve everyone in my problems when everyone doubtless already has problems of their own, however I have arrived at a solution that will possible benefit all and keep my public whining down to, at least, a bare minimum.

    I’ll share the details shortly and thank you for all your words of encouragement. The support of my fellow bloggers is something in which I never have doubt :)


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