Latest John Peel Downloads

Item 1: *UPDATE 1*

Complete set now onine!

The Phantom Fifty. It’s the Festive Fifty that never was. Sort of. I’m not altogether certain how long it took to complete the entire countdown but perhaps someone can fill us in on the dates.

So here, with much appreciation to And (A.K.A. pontypoolie – or possibly pontypoolie A.K.A. And?), are the compiled contents of said ghost list as broadcast by Mr. Ravenscroft himself.

phantom fifty part 1.mp3 (43509 KB)
phantom fifty part 2.mp3 (38638 KB)
phantom fifty part 3.mp3 (42865 KB)
phantom fifty part 4.mp3 (44209 KB)
phantom fifty part 5 of 6.mp3 (37605 KB)
phantom fifty part 6 of 6.mp3 (19056 KB)

As always my thanks go to the Peel Newsgroup.

Item 2: *UPDATE 2*

Also thanks to Kevin Beech for this complete early eighties late seveties programme.

Thank you to both Big K and Ken Garner for getting in touch to confirm the true date of this recording as Thursday 19th July 1979

810409 Peel Programme Thursday 9th April 1981 19th July 1979 Session from The Russians.mp3 (258053 KB) So you shall have to amend the date yourself on completion of the download.

Item 3:

Don’t go missing out on the cavalcade of John Peel torrents that are presently doing the rounds. You might want to stock up on blank dvds and possible buy another drive…or two!

There’s far too much to list here, well it’s not technically impossible but I’m not doing it. Search them out at your favourite BitTorrent tracker or click over to our sister site John Peel Torrents.

*UPDATE 3* New item 4

My shame is now complete:

Following many omissions of late, one that has rankled perhaps more than most is having not yet featured Ken Garner’s new book. So as a lame and somewhat derisory stopgap to salvage some credibility and prevent the local children from throwing stones and building book pyres outside my home, I’m breaking with one of my golden rules (just this once) about never linking to corporate-type ecommerce sites.

The Peel Sessions A story of teenage dreams and one man’s love of new music Written by Ken Garner is available at…

BBC Shop
Rough Trade The Ray Garner edition!
Am*zon UK, US, CA, FR, DE, JP

And of course your friendly high street independent book shop shall also be able to sell you this, so support your local! (“,)

10 Responses to “Latest John Peel Downloads”

  1. 1 Big K
    2007/11/08 at 19:07


    Just to note that the “1981” show featuring the Russians is actually from July 1979 (19th according to Ken Garner’s book). I did wonder if it was a repeat of old session but all of the “current” records John’s playing (‘Sham 69, Angelic Upstarts, UK Subs etc.) place this firmly in the late 70s.

    Great showdespite the speed problem.

    Best wishes

  2. 2 ken garner
    2007/11/08 at 22:14


    big K is right: 19/7/79, see my post on Peel Group Yahoo. Just for the record, cheers


  3. 3 So It Goes
    2007/11/09 at 14:32

    Still one reason to live in England…how do I get a copy in South Korea? ‘sigh’

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2007/11/09 at 15:45

    You’ve got to be awkward haven’t you?

    Didn’t the ‘Han River Miracle’ deliver you a WHSmiths or Martins then?

    If, by chance, you’re not kidding I’m sure I could get a copy out to you.

  5. 5 So It Goes
    2007/11/10 at 01:05

    No, Gary, I’m not kidding, even though the Han River is about 20 miles from where I live ;-)). Seriously, as I’ve already said to Ken, it’s really difficult to get English books out here unless it’s bloody Harry Potter. Thank you for your kind offer! Email me soon please (preferably with your selection of tunes for my poll).

  6. 6 domestic empire
    2007/11/13 at 10:59

    I recently heard Potter described as, “A book-shaped tin of beans”.

    My poll selection will be surfing those international data packets toward you very shortly Sir.

    That just leaves me the ‘Dandy 50’ to do!

  7. 7 cuppatea
    2007/11/14 at 11:33

    If you’re able to re-up parts 1 and 2 that would be ace. Finding lots of great stuff on your site, many thanks

  8. 8 David
    2007/11/21 at 12:58

    It really would be awfully nice if you could repost the Phantom 50, as that one sort of slipped me by.


  9. 9 domestic empire
    2007/11/21 at 16:08

    It’s comforting to know so many John Peel listeners work in education and on such a global scale too. There may well be hope for the next generation yet.

    It is also nice to put a name/face to the list of expanding international ip addresses that visit the site.

    So anyway gents, is there any particular preference between reposting via bittorent or, say, rapidshare or some such online file host?

  10. 10 DuffPaddy
    2007/11/21 at 18:03

    Typical! I step back from the Peel scene for a bit, and it goes completely mental! And I’d been looking out for that Phantom 50 for ages! :-(

    Any way you could re-upload these would be fine with me, Gary. I’m still wondering whether to bother with those huge DVD torrents, when I’ll probably already have 99% of the stuff anyway.

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