I Bought My Baby A Red Radio

A few things caught my eye while scanning the BBC radio player just now…

PJ Harvey Hub session – PJ Harvey live in session in the 6 Music Hub
PJ Harvey Hub session (14 min)
Broadcast on 6 Music Wed 07 Nov – 12:12
PJ Harvey plays two songs and chats to George Lamb live in the 6 Music Hub.

Radio Player link
Direct .ra File Link

This week the ‘6 Music Plays It Again’ has
Anarchy in the UK. The story of the punk revolution.

Part 1
Radio Player link
Direct .ra File Link

Part 2
Radio Player link
Direct .ra File Link

Part 3
Radio Player link
Direct .ra File Link

Part 4
Radio Player link
Direct .ra File Link

And then next week in the same slot:

Never Mind the Horlicks:
6 Music Plays It Again Mon 12th Nov – Thur 15th Nov 21.30-22.00
In a series first broadcast in 2002, Tom Robinson assesses the legacy of punk rock.

This week also features Island Rock:
Overnight Documentaries Daily 03.00-04.00 6th – 13th November
Brinsley Forde tells the story of Jamaican music. Sounds promising.

Part 1
Radio Player Link
Direct .ra File Link

More details, though not much more it has to be said, can be found

Sorry I’ve run out of energy to list all of those links now but you can work out the rest for yourself I’m sure. Incidentally does anybody need advice on how to grab streaming media, convert it into other formats etc? I’m assuming everyone knows what software to use but if there is demand I’m happy to write up the various options.

Finally, and for no other reason than it being a great song, The Selecter performing On My Radio for Top Of The Pops in 1979 over at YouTube

2 Responses to “I Bought My Baby A Red Radio”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2007/11/14 at 14:09

    I’ve got a Sid Vicious documentary over on Fades in Slowly for anyone interested.

  2. 2 ataktaktak
    2010/08/09 at 16:24

    Hi, the Brinsley Forde documentary ‘Island Rock’ was on BBC6 music recently but I missed the first two parts (no longer on Iplayer). Do you have them? I see that pt1 was already posted here at some point. Would be most grateful for a link or send of them. Thanks, P.

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