Even More John Peel Downloads


*UPDATED 03:53 Sunday, er Monday morn!*

All singles show from 1981…

1/ 810512 Peel Programme Tuesday 12th May 1981 Sessions from Ski Patrol & Flock Of Seagulls.mp3
(265556 KB)

2/ 810508 Peel Programme Wednesday 8th April 1981 All singles programme.mp3
(262073 KB)

3/ 810513 Peel Programme Wednesday 13th May 1981 Sessions from The Revillos & Department S.mp3
259011 KB)

4/ 810518 Peel Programme Monday 18th May 1981 Sessions from Moondogs & Ivor Cutler.mp3
(262491 KB)

5/ 810519 Peel Programme Tuesday 19th May 1981 Sessions from The Moderates & The Lucys.mp3
(260952 KB)

Thank you to Kevin for these files who reminds us, “…we only have 14 days grace on all the yousendit files so get ‘um while u can”


The Upsetter 1969 offers us “John Peel Xmas Show” in three parts plus plenty of other good things!


1992-12-24 (John Peel’s Other Christmas Records).mp3
274.28 MB
Which is different to the one above, at least in terms of file size but might be the same programme, however I apologise to the uploaded because I can’t recall who this one came from :(

6 Responses to “Even More John Peel Downloads”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2007/11/12 at 19:14

    Fades in Slowly loves JP Everyday!!!

    Get ready to remix Urban Sprawl

  2. 2 entrailicus
    2007/11/14 at 06:53

    I’ve just been sent a Divshare file of the ’92 Christmas show. I’ve always found divshare to be more reliable that MEGAUPLOAD, so I’ll stick a link on FiS today.

  3. 3 cuppatea
    2007/11/14 at 09:52

    Many, many thanks for these!

  4. 4 entrailicus
    2007/11/20 at 10:27

    I’ve slowed down the Tuesday 12th May 1981 by about 5% and it sounds much better. It also now runs to about 2 hours now rather than 1hr 53 mins. I’ll stick it on FiS and you can see what you think.

    If it meets with approval I’ll do the same with the rest of the ’81 extravaganza.

  5. 5 Ashley
    2007/11/20 at 18:32

    A Flock of Seagulls sound almost good in this context – perhaps John Peel had a special aura. But I hated Ski Patrol and I’m not fond of the general early-80s sour-face, beaty indie vibe (although the track from Public Image Limited, which was basically beats and screaming, was really good).

  6. 6 DuffPaddy
    2007/11/23 at 18:24

    Just to confirm – the Megaupload and Upsetter shows are indeed one and the same, with the Megaupload version being a teensy bit bigger because an ID3 tag’s been added. It’s also available on The Pirate Bay, and, as entrailicus says above, Fades in Slowly. Bloody good show too. Old bean.

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