Reposts – Back To The Eighties

Good egg Jon Horne at right place, right time, wrong speed, (A.K.A. The Peel Tapes which is typographically much easier to fit inside a links column!), has done us all the good favour of adjusting the speed of the previously uploaded 80s Peel programmes.

It’s a technically challenging and hazardous exercise that involves injecting a highly concentrated compound of inverse helium and some of Nick Heywood’s bumfluff into each and every file while suited in a pair of flame retardant dungarees of argyle, pink and grey, for extra safety. Not for the faint-hearted I can tell you.

Thanks Jon (“,).

some more reposts requests plus torrents shotly, if I don’t run out of energy, shortly – as soon as I collate all the relevant info. In the meantime please support the Peel torrents here and here.

1 Response to “Reposts – Back To The Eighties”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2007/11/20 at 12:43

    For those of you who feel Mr. Horne has slowed them down too much, sample my speed changing efforts at FiS

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