Download More John Peel (week 47)

I might be getting close to feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of information out there waiting for my own brand of dissemination, so I shall keep things necessarily brief. If you’re waiting for a reply to an email please be patient, I’m working my way through them!

Both Dee Dee & Kev have been keeping busy with a succession of downloads recently and there are still more to come. Why not sign up to the Peel Newsgroup and thank them personally. I’m sure they’d appreciate it (“,)

Archive Peel Torrents
Dee Dee’s 17 John Peel Torrent Compilation set is currently up to number 10. See here for a current list or check your favourite BitTorrent search engine, if they’re still in possession of their servers! And please seed as much as your drive will allow.

More 80s Peel
I’m not sure if these suffer the same fate as the previous ones in that they run a little too fast but far be it from me or anyone to turn down ‘new’ Peel files of any description. I’m am most grateful to Kev for making these available.

Peel Show with Session From Misty In Roots.mp3 (266547 KB)

Peel Programme with Sessions from Tanz Der Youth White Cats and King.rar (577827 KB)
“rah file due to large wave file”

Peel Show with Sessions from Swell Maps and Distributors.mp3 (267450 KB)

zip.rar 18/11/94 (87454 KB)
“Tom Jones sucks. And he’s Welsh” I think this may refer to the New Bad Things track I Suck which I remember having a great deal of fun time tracking down at the time. Though I think the lyrics were, “Sterling Morrison sucks. And he’s Welsh”. Mind you they did have a habit of re-recording some of their songs which made the cross atlantic search even more enjoyable. Tsk. Bless ’em.

Fades in Slowly
1987 Festive 50 Part 3. Check out Entrailicus track Urban Sprawl while you’re there too. It’s genuinely good stuff.

Kat’s Karavan
Top Gear Shows Repost plus several others I think I may not have been featuring of late. Sorry Eddie.

Teenage Kicks
…is getting all sentimental over Christmas here – in a non-mainstream way of course. Thankfully.

The Perfumed Garden
…makes a request: “Right then, someone out their must be able to help. I’m looking for a copy of the one and only session by Brainiac. It was originally transmitted on 8th December 1995. I thought I had a copy but like so many things it has vanished. Any help in tracking this down would be greatly appreciated.”
See here.

The Runout Groove
2003 John Peel session from Broadcast. Plus lots of new things and the continuation of the Neil Young and Mansun discographies.

4 Responses to “Download More John Peel (week 47)”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2007/11/19 at 07:21

    Thanks for the mention.

    More great stuff!

  2. 2 entrailicus
    2007/11/20 at 12:35

    I’ve played around with the May 12th 1981 show and it now sounds a lot better:


  3. 3 Ashley
    2007/11/20 at 18:29

    They did indeed say “Tom Jones sucks, he’s Welsh” in this version at least. The show had a definite and very nostalgic Criminal Justice Bill vibe – I loved the dialogue from the Dreadzone track at the beginning of side two (“and if you look around, you can see that the police are scared today”). When were people free? Hated Fabric though.

  4. 4 Anonymous
    2007/11/21 at 12:52

    The three most recent 80s shows are all, actually, late 70s.

    Misty’s 13th June 1979.

    The ex-Damned special (White Cats/King) is 20 July 1978.

    And the Swell Maps/Distrubutors is 21 June 79.

    Best wishes

    Big K

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