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“John Peel Torrent Compilation 11 of 17 now seeding!

Hello Chaps!

Sorry I took so long to seed the 10 of 17 file. My ancient laptop melted on me down in London while uploading 10 of 17 and trying to download all those ‘YouSendIt’ files that Kevin’s been fielding in the ‘Peel’ Yahoo group!

I was in a hotel with a pretty good broadband connection considering I was fire-walled. I was uploading at +/- 150 kbs! Not bad 4 free!

So; I’m back home now. The ancient laptop is definitely Kaput and my ancient desktop won’t run a torrent client! I’m now using a borrowed laptop and guess I’ve got to bite the bullet and buy a new laptop in the meantime. At least I can still get hold of the XP OS so there should be a service pack out to correct all the bugs in Vista when I get around to upgrading to Microsofts latest lame OS!

The latest torrent can be found at both ‘Mininova’ and ‘The Pirate Bay’ – a bunch of shows from 2001 & 2002.

I think I managed to liberate 12 seeds of Torrent 10 of 17 (sounds like ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’!) so…… You know the drill! Share share share!

Keep on keeping on!

Riving Ton”

But that’s not all…

“Hello Chaps!

18 fully completed seeds now floating in the ether for 11 of 17 so I terminated my seed to bring you the latest instalment!

Torrent Compilation 12 of 17 can be snarfed at either ‘Mininova’ or ‘The Pirate Bay’.

And to finalise things (let me just line up the cracked record!) – If you managed to get a complete copy of 11 of 17 – would you please continue to seed it for a little while longer to allow those in the community with slower connections to acquire it also? Thanks!

All the best,

Dee Dee”

Blimey, strewth, golly and gosh! And I’ll even chuck in a Bleedin’ Norah for good measure. jped HQ has steam coming out of every orifice with the present activity. As much as I don’t want these to stop I am hoping for the dust to settle soon so I can assess which is new and which is duplicated. Though for many people of course most of this might well be new. I will sort out reposts requests here during next week. Just give me the weekend to recover from my little excursion and play with my new Kurzweil sampler. Hmmm come to daddy… (“,)

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