Walters Week & Liverpool Vs AS Roma

Are you keeping up out there? I think I’m just clinging on myself.

I recently linked Fruitier Than Though but the site definately deserves highlighting.

JOHN WALTERS Walters Week 1983-1985
” Throughout the mid 1980’s he would join the early evening shows of Kid Jensen, Richard Skinner or Janice Long to report on his week… “Walters Week.” This comprised of the things that had amused or irritated him in the previous week, where it be art, music, the music papers or the futile attempts to expedite a birthday present from PEEL.”

JOHN PEEL Liverpool Vs AS Roma, European Cup Final in Rome 30th May 1984
“Digging through my old cassettes of PEEL sessions, I found this. The night of the 1984 European Cup Final with Ravenscroft’s beloved LIVERPOOL FC beating AS ROMA in Rome 4-2, in a penalty shoot out.”

Yes we’ve had this before but it’s a ‘new’ version from FTT’s own cassette archive. Wonder what else the boy has lurking in the old cassette collection?

Thank you Fruity (“,)

2 Responses to “Walters Week & Liverpool Vs AS Roma”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2007/11/26 at 08:59

    All these downloads are confusing me! I totally missed the ’93 phantom 50.

    Thanks to all who have contributed.


  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/11/26 at 12:46

    You’re not the only one.

    I’m going back through everything over the last couple of weeks to consolidate things into one nice easy list plus adding a few re-posts including the Phantom 50 sometime this week. Still can’t complain, this has been great!

    And I’ve yet to ‘do’ your song, put out another FaithHealer MiX, finish the new site, write more content, build my DAW, play with the Kurzweil, set up the nearfields, record myself, make lots of money, flee the country…ah, you know how it goes? Hard life! (“,)

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