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This Is A Moderate Download Alert.
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Due to the frequency of these updates I’m running out of titles. There are only so many ways one can say “More John Peel Downloads”. Therefore I’ve decided to adopt the meteorologist’s method of naming various tropical storms and the like by alternating a list of alphabetised female and male names. Wave goodbye to confusion or what? What? Down there for dancin’, up ‘ere for thinkin’ son!

Peel Programme from 7th April 1981
Sessions from B-Movies & Positive Noise
wav 1.09 GB

| 1981.04.07 Peel Torrent

Peel Programme from 29th August 1979
Session by The Undertones
rar 1.08 GB

(This replaces an earlier problematic version)
| 1979.08.29 Peel Torrent

Peel Programme from 29th August 1979
Session by The Undertones
rar 1.08 GB

“As promised, the first of Kevin Beech’s Peel shows now posted
on ‘YouSendIt’ for those who don’t torrent.”

| 1979.08.29 Peel on yousendit

Both from kev over at the Peel Newsgroup. Many thanks Kev (“,)

Consolidation’s What you Need
I’m planning to work back through the last couple of weeks and produce a complete list with a few reposts. I think I may have missed a couple and I know I’m not the only one. Anyway we’ll club together as usual and try to fill those gaps I’m sure. Blimey I’m sounding like an outreach worker. You all muck in or they’ll be fuckin’ trouble awright? That’s better! My re-up list presently consists of the phantom 50 plus a couple of things from a short while ago including The Getting Into Radio disc and, I think, the Auckland radio interview maybe. Need to check on that. Might be easier to bundle them all in a torrent. Easier for me in the short term anyway.

More torrents over at John Peel Torrents.

4 Responses to “Download Abigail: Winds Force 3 North East And Blustery”

  1. 1 So It Goes
    2007/11/30 at 16:15

    You bundle them anyway you like Gary: it’s great that you’re making this rare stuff more available to those who don’t belong to the Peel Yahoo group, and helping spread the word. More power to your elbow mate.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/12/01 at 07:03

    Thanks Steve. It’s a group effort of course and I’m only pasting links of those that do the real work, except for occasional reposts, but the bottom line for me is that John Peel’s influence continues unabated. I wouldn’t wish my blog to be seen as an alternative to joining the newsgroup however. They’re a good bunch of people and extremely well informed. Should be the first stop for all Peel discussions in my view. (“,)

    With all that said I’m hoping to get something special uploaded myself for Christmas, but then we don’t all get what we want for Christmas.

  3. 3 Mike
    2007/12/04 at 20:39

    Any chance that someone could seed the 1979 torrent please? Love all this Peel and I still miss him from the airwaves.

  4. 4 domestic empire
    2007/12/05 at 04:09

    Hmmm these seem to be two (at least) of the recent batch that I don’t have either. Thanks for drawing my attention to it and hope someone will do the honours.

    The music sounded better with John
    Mike: “…still miss him from the airwaves.”
    – I think it’s no exaggeration to suggest that it’s been like the losing a member of one’s own family. I hope that doesn’t sound melodramatic or indeed insulting to his actual family. But life simply hasn’t been the same since. I don’t think it’s just me.

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