1999 December 7th John Peel Show

John Peel Show 7th December 1999:

How apt: This John Peel programme is exactly eight years old to the day. Once again we have And at the Peel Newsgroup to thank for this addition to our collective archives. Featuring live sets from Yo La Tengo & Nectarine No.9. Taken from a C120 (and everyone said “Don’t buy them”!), the download is split into two parts thus:

| Side 1 JPYLTa.rar (56983 KB)
| Side 2 JPYLTb .rar (57942 KB)

4 Responses to “1999 December 7th John Peel Show”

  1. 1 So It Goes
    2007/12/11 at 16:54

    Yeah, strange that, I never had a problem with them. The last one I had contained a Queen BBC session which they’ve never released, taped from the Friday Rock Show…and I gave it to a girl I fancied at work. Still didn’t make her want to go out with me.

  2. 2 Onion Terror
    2007/12/11 at 23:52

    Cheers for posting this. I’ve only listened to parts of it but it’s always good to add to the collection!

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2007/12/12 at 06:17

    Onion Terror:
    One can never have too much Peel!

    So It Goes:
    Technically speaking, the reason given to me at the time was that needing to place more tape on the spool resulted in the tape being that much thinner and more likely to induce a good chewing from the pinch rollers. Maybe it serves to illustrate just how clean and well maintained our respective recorders were Steve.

    In fact I remember my Dad saying to me when I was only six years old, “Son, whatever you do in life, keep your tape heads clean and your women dirty.” And with that he was gone. Off on another round-the-world jaunt aboard the Union Castle gawd blesss ‘im.

    Of course one’s memory plays tricks so it’s just possible that only part of that enchanting anecdote is true.

    Well at least you would have learned a valuable lesson about women there Steve. Mind you perhaps Queen weren’t quite the best choice in creating that sense of primal lust. I once took a girl to a Duran Duran concert at the Brighton Center – same response: nuffink. Unless of course you count aching balls.

    Hmmm, these comments are more revealing than the blog at times. Talking of which I hope you are going ahead with your podcast Steve. And I do intend to reply to your email fully by the way.

  4. 4 Anonymous
    2008/04/20 at 12:09

    Great blog ! There’s no-one like
    Peel now. Or Fluff or Vance.

    Please, could you re-upload this
    show – it’s “expired” ?

    Thanks in advance !

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