Peel’s History of Traditional English Folk Music

Recently upped over at Fades in Slowly:
“This series of Peel-narrated documentaries, originally aired in August & September 1999, are bloody good. Chris, who sent me the end of year ’77 show, was also responsible for making these documentaries public, as well as permanently changing my perspective of this musical genre, for which I’m very greatful”

Peel’s History of Traditional English Folk Music
Part 1: The late Victorian era and the First World War
Part 2: To the fifties and the American influence
Part 3: The boom years of the late sixties and early seventies
Part 4: Folk Rock (Fairport Convention et al)
Part 5: Celtic and Irish music
Part 6: Contemporary folk of the late 90s

| Parts 1 to 3 @ Fades in Slowly
| Parts 4 to 6 @ Fades in Slowly

3 Responses to “Peel’s History of Traditional English Folk Music”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2007/12/13 at 06:42

    These programs changed my views on folk music. If you don’t really feel your into this kind of stuff, give them a listen anyway.

  2. 2 entrailicus
    2007/12/13 at 06:43

    Please forgive the grammar, it’s a bit early in the morning to be trying to construct grammatically correct sentences!

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2007/12/13 at 11:35

    I can’t think of any type of music I dislike entirely. Being a musicician means there’s always a ‘professional interest’, for want of a better phrase.

    Christy Moore was probably the first folk artist I really got into. Too many to mention since then but Vashti Bunyan and Kate Rusby are recent favourites. Let me know if you’d like me to email you a list of what I have and thanks again (“,)

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