1992 December 11th John Peel Show

11/12/1992 Huggy Bear & FunDaMental. sides 1 and 2. 84 mins:

| huggy1.rar (77978 KB)
“sides 3 and 4 to follow soon hopefully”
contributed by Andrew from the Peel Newsgroup

advance warning: gary’s about to go “off on one”.

Some inexplicable efficiency on my part has led me to post mirrors before Andrew’s yousendit link expires. I’ve split the files to make any further re-posts quicker and easier to deal with plus some people have monthly download allowances or may still be on dial-up.

| 19921211_HuggyBear_FunDaMental_1-4_LINK.zip
| 19921211_HuggyBear_FunDaMental_2-4_LINK.zip

It’s up to you to let me know if the current regime is complete pants! I’d love to host everything on my server but with an average visit rate of just over 1000 per week I imagine things might get a little expensive. And me on disability allowance too. Oh the degradation, the plight, the untold never-ending self-contained misery of it all. Enough? Then we might have to get into begging by pay*al or membership restrictions and…..no, best we leave things in their present adhoc status for now.

That is until my long-lost uncle returns from safari with the promised “Untold riches beyond the dreams of Avarice – and twice-fold that of all the wishful exuberance of the wife Betty. Pearls as big as your eyes. Rubys as big as your fist boy. Oranges as big as satsumas and all the liquorice you can eat. Hahaha, hahaha, wahaha…”

Then he’d usually continue laughing like that for a good ten minutes, so, if truth be told I don’t think we ever really had that much confidence in his plans to be honest. Plus Auntie Lily has mentioned that on several occasions she sees someone who looks “Very much like your Uncle Rupert” climbing all over the swings in the local park at night “stinking of booze shouting abuse in Swahili”.

Come to think of it, it has been thirty two years since we last heard from him. And that was just a postcard from London Zoo with the message, “Look, Lions, grrrrr!”

So. Rapidshare it is then.

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  1. 1 Anonymous
    2007/12/15 at 09:57

    Cheers Gary – Ive never used rapidshare before, I’ll give it a go next time


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