1997 Festive 31 & Pavement Live. Plus 2004 Underworld As Guest Hosts

Step up Andrew, entrailicus & Monsieur le Grande! All credit to these guys.

23/12/1997 Festive 31 & Pavement Live:
“I’ve been having problems with yousendit this week, that and Gary having to re-up when the link dies made me switch. It’s also interesting to see how many times the file is downloaded! Any advice/warnings gratefully received.”

| Side 1 (rapidshare)
| Side 2 (rapidshare)
| Side 3 (rapidshare)
| Side 4 (rapidshare)
– Contributed by Andrew

Peel Show Guest Hosts: Underworld:
entrailicus: “The show hosted by Underworld from October 2004 is now available. Thanks a lot to the impressively named Dick le Grande, who adds…”

“That song in part 1 that features a “very-drunk” Peely is hilarious ! Here’s part 2. Sadly, ‘cos I didn’t use a C120, the last few songs (inc ‘She’s Lost Control’) are missing. If anyone has the full Monty, please….”

| Underworld on Peel 2004 – pt1.mp3 (yousendit)
| Underworld on Peel 2004 – pt2.mp3 (yousendit)
Sorry about that – my fault :(
– Contributed by entrailicus & Dick le Grande

The “very-drunk” Peel section that le Grande refers to is all the product of digital processing of course. But it does sound good. A very post-Orb-Trippy-Ambient vibe.

10 Responses to “1997 Festive 31 & Pavement Live. Plus 2004 Underworld As Guest Hosts”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2007/12/18 at 13:03

    The link to the download for p2 is incomplete. Can you amend it?

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/12/18 at 14:41

    You sure get around Anonymous!

    I’m surprised so few mistakes make it to the finished postings to be honest.

    Entirely my fault but it’s working properly now.

  3. 3 Onion Terror
    2007/12/18 at 16:49

    Am I missing something? It says Pavement live in the title but where is it?

  4. 4 Anonymous
    2007/12/18 at 20:50

    The title says 1979 not 1997 too.

    Everyone’s a critic (anonymously):-)

  5. 5 Anonymous
    2007/12/18 at 21:51

    Pavement live and in conversation with Peel starting 18½ minutes into side b. Just the four tracks.


  6. 6 domestic empire
    2007/12/19 at 01:01

    I must confess that my attention is on the new site.

    But it’ll be worth it.

    I hope.

  7. 7 Anonymous
    2007/12/19 at 12:34

    JPEveryday and FiS have now made it to the Peel Wikipedia page… thanks to whoever (So it goes!?!?!) for making it happen.


  8. 8 Onion Terror
    2007/12/19 at 18:57

    Righty ho. Thanks to Andrew and you for uploading and posting this FF. My collection of them is coming on nicely! This was the first one I missed as I had left the UK in this year. I never heard another. :(

  9. 9 Anonymous
    2007/12/19 at 20:15

    The second song on the Underworld
    show is very topical – “Turn the Heater On” by New Order (the best track they ever did imho); it’s pretty cold in UK at the moment ! Plus there are several songs by Mr & Mrs Christmas !

  10. 10 domestic empire
    2007/12/21 at 03:39

    Cold? Don’t tell me about cold. I had to shut off the heating last night to fix a leaking radiadtor.
    Went unnoticed for a day until things started to pong. Destroyed half a carpet in the process but thankfully it didn’t make it as far as the musical gear, vinyl or the collection of Peel tapes. I might of cried otherwise!

    Otherwise yes. Bleedin’ tators mate.

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