This will probably be the last post here for the Christmas holiday period. One of the reasons is to jump on the backlog of emails that require proper and considered replies. Also this ‘new site’ that I’ve hinted at once or twice isn’t that far off. One of the biggest plus points is Browser compatibility.

Most visitors to this site use a combination of Mac OSX, Windows XP/Vista or Linux with recent builds of Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE. Everything should look fine and dandy for those people. You’re only going to suffer if your stuck with a PC using IE4 with a resolution of 800×600 but frankly you must be used to that!

Now on to the latest downloads…

From The John Peel Tapes:
1988 Festive 50 – #50 – 31 90 mins, 64 mb RAR file.
1988 Festive 50 – #30 – 11 78 mins, 53 mb RAR file.
1988 Festive 50 – #10 – 1 44 mins, 30 mb
Contributed by Stu.

Quite unintentionally I sometimes neglect one site or another. Unfortunately for Mr. Horne I think it might well be his that suffers most. I put this down to a lack of an RSS feed but mainly to my own incompetence of course. Having said that The Peel Tapes A.K.A. right place, right time, wrong speed is always top of the search results as well it should be. Though it does deserve more space than I give it here. Don’t miss out on The Peel Tapes Rewound, where you’ll find many more goodies.

| The Peel Tapes
| The Peel Tapes Rewound

From: The Peel Newsgroup
“22/12/98 Festive 50 to 34. 121 mins.”
| 1998pt1a.zip
| 1998pt1b.zip

“23/12/98 Festive 33 to 17. 122 mins”
| 1998pt2a.zip
| 1998pt2b.zip

“29/12/98 Festive 16 to 1. 122 mins”
| 1998pt3a.zip
| 1998pt3b.zip

“22/12/87 (Datblygu, Heresy, Mekons, Robert Lloyd, Paul Johnson, Wedding Present #3) F50 50-41
120mins. Apologies for the occasional MW retuning…

| FF87A.rar
| FF87B.rar

Contributed by Andrew at the Peel Newsgroup

“Sessions: The Fall, Misty in Roots and a 1979 repeat from Elton John!”
| festive_50_1985_part_5__tape_17a_.MP3
| festive_50_1985_part_6__tape17b_.MP3

Contributed by Kevin at the Peel Newsgroup
Apologies to Kevin for previously attributing this incorrectly.

Health, happiness and Humbug to you all :-)

2 Responses to “HUMBUG!”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2007/12/24 at 08:31

    Kev’s responsible for the 85FF, not me.

    still got one or two tapes to squeeze in before new year.

    Have a smashing Christmas Gary.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2007/12/24 at 18:13

    Cheers Andrew – you too and thanks for picking me up on the mistake (“,)

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